Here is How Men Think We Should Walk In High Heels

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I know what you are thinking right now: ‘What can men possibly know about walking in high heels?’. I know, it is almost absurd. Those were my first thoughts before talking to a guy about that. It turns out that they know much more than we can expect. And at the end of the day they appreciate and see more things than you can ever imagine.

Being inside a man’s head is way more interesting than I thought. In my head they were things loads of stupid stuff and didn’t notice and know anything about us at all. But after the talk I had about what men think about our high heels and the way we walk in them I have hope. Hope because they see and know much and are kind of thoughtful. And I like that. Now that I know that they notice I will probably think more about the way I wear my heels and the way I represent myself when I am wearing them.

Do you like high heels? And do you know how to wear them? If now first head here and then continue to read what some guys we asked know and think. And then develop your best walk in your heels showing sex appeal and confidence. Not only for men, but also for yourself!

  • How do you put your high heels on?
    I never really thought about that, before hearing a mans side of things. It turns out that there is a certain way you do it and It has much to do with dance feet. Since I used to be a dancer it turns out I always put them on the right way. But men expect it to be somehow lustful when you put high heels on.
    So you should firstly point your toes. Then arch your foot. And then gently slide your feet into the heels. Now imagine yourself doing that. Or just go and do it. Doesn’t it make you feel sexy and like a grown beautiful successful woman? I know I do. And there is just something special about pointing your toes. And by doing exactly that your feet will perfectly lie in the shoe, rather than being though for you to put them shoes on.
  • Posture!
    When walking in high heels it is all about the way you stand and walk. And the first thing to looking confident and sexy is having a good posture. And for men that is also the thing they look for when they see a woman in stilettos. The thing is that you have to know how to stand, before you know how to walk. You know it will be strange to walk good, but stand funny.
    So what should your posture be? Your back should be straight. As straight as possible. And than roll you shoulders back. As if you were pushing something with your shoulders. Also this way your chest will be out and this give you a little bit more sexiness. Your hands should be behind the side seam of your pants or skirt or dress. And last but not least straighten your knees when standing up. If your knees are not straight you will slump everything else and it won’t matter.
    And the thing about our generation is that we have to think about our postures. This is because we are sitting down in front of our computers all day and we slump down and ruin all our beauty that we can have if we had the right osture. So think about that no only when stand in your high heels, but also when working and sitting down no matter where. Because there is nothing worst than a woman who doesn’t have a beautiful posture.
  • Right before walking
    In order to walk you should have the right starting position. You know the same way the athletes have one. They can’t race if they are not ready to go. And being ready to go is as important as going. Imagine starting the wrong way and hitting the ground on the first steps. Not pretty at all!
    Now don’t imagine that your starting position will be something athletic. It will be more sexy than anything else. So first of all clench your bottom. Then tip your pelvis, but up, not down. And then just rest your body on your hips. This will allow them to lead your while walking. And this will be helpful!
  • The actual walking
    We already said quite some stuff, but we never really got to the walking part. Once you have everything else in tact this won’t be so though. And this is all from a mens point of view. Don’t forget that. And knowing what men like is kind of important. But if you don’t know how anything else should be done how could the walking happen.
    After you have got the right shoes, the right posture and the right starting position, there is no way you won’t succeed into the walking part. When you are done into getting in the right position just let your weight guide you. Push that weight through the pelvis, all the way through the body. When walking in heels always lift your ankles and walk foot in front of the other foot (at least that is what our guys said). But it makes sense, doesn’t it?

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