Hidden Places to Visit in Italy

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Italy is probably one of the most famous travel destinations among people all over the world. There is hardly anyone that has not heard of Rome, Venice, or Milan. There are thousands of tourists that go to the country every season. And all these tourists visit mainly the most popular destinations in the country.

But do people know which the hidden gems in Italy actually are? There are many other beautiful places worth visiting and if you also want to know which they are and to visit them, then check out our list of hidden gems in Italy.

#1 Ponte delDiavolo

The first place in our list would probably appeal to those of you who are interested in myths and folktales because this place is exactly such one. The translation of the name means “The Devil Bridge”. It has got its name from a Tuscan folktale. It is located in town of Cividale del Friuli and it actually dates back to the medieval ages. The bridge spans above the river that crosses the town and it is made of stones.

It is said in the folktale that the bridge has mystical powers. Who knows if this is true, but one thing is for sure – you are going to feel the spirit of the place once you go there. The town is a cozy one with a great relaxing atmosphere. You will feel brand new after you visit it and surely you will notice the spirit of the place.

#2 Castello di Petoria

The next place which you definitely should consider visiting if you want to escape the crowds and the masses of tourists is Castello di Petoria. As its name suggests the place is a castle, or at least used to be one. It was built in the Middle Ages and it is preserved till now. Years ago it was converted into a hotel and now everybody who wants to experience what it is like to stay at a castle may do it in Castello di Petoria.

The castle is located in central Italy and it is somewhat isolated from all the noise and activity of the modern world. The nature and the scenery there are amazing. It is a great place for relaxation, meditation, or simply spending some alone time, or time with a partner.

#3 Bosco MonumentaledelSasseto

There are a lot of magical places in Italy, I would say that the whole country is such a place, but there are some hidden places which have some energy and mystery around them. One such place is actually Bosco MonumentaledelSasseto. This is a forest that is filled with trees, twisted plants around the trees, and moss covering them. It is a place that looks as if it has been taken out of a fairy tale.

There are a lot of rare plant species in this forest which you could admire. Besides, simply walking in the forest will give you a flow of energy and will make you feel outlandish. It is definitely worth seeing, especially if you are a person who likes nature and likes getting in touch with it.

#4Grotte di Castellana

This place, Grotte di Castellana, is one of the most interesting cave systems in the world. It is located in South East of Italy, at the beginning of the heel of the “boot”.If you are into hiking, then you definitely need to consider visiting the set of caves. There are a lot of hiking routes which you can set off to.

There is one cave that it is better to visit because it is breathtaking – the White cave. The white stalactites in the cave, as you can already guess, are actually responsible for the name it has. Another interesting thing about the set of Castellana caves is that they are over 90 million years old.

#5 Isola di Loreto

There are a lot of islands in Italy where a person could head off to and have some great time there relaxing. Of course, some are more popular than others but this does not mean that the less known places are not worth the visiting. One such island, for example, which is not among the well-known ones, is Isla di Loreto.

It is located in the northern part of Italy, in Lombardia district. There is a castle that is about 100 years old, built between two lighthouses. If you decide to visit the place, you will feel as if you were back in time, being a part of the royal family living in the castle. The island itself is very beautiful surrounded with lots of greenery and fresh air.

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