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As much as we want to have perfect skin, it is not always the case. Taking care of one’s skin does not always include applying special creams or trying different masks. There are skin tags that one cannot remove that easily. If a person has a big black mole, it could make them feel uncomfortable, because only they know how many jokes they have to survive.

Other people say that having such a skin tag is not a problem and this is actually something that defies them, it is their lucky spot. It is a good thing that one likes whatever the nature gave them, but if you are tired of having such skin tag and you think it is time to remove them, here are some good news for you – there is a way you can remove your skin tags at home! And what is better you get to choose from all the different home remedies. And here they are!

What are skin tags?
These are small skin clusters which look like small balls on your skin. There are a few reasons why they appear. It could be because with the passage of time skin gets tired and changes. It could be also because of heredity or some hormonal imbalances or changes. Other people get it because of overweight. There are some even simpler reasons for the skin tag appearance, like some severe scratches or clothes and jewelry.

Home remedies for skin tags
Some people are afraid to touch their skin tags if they did not consult with a doctor first, which should be definitely what you to do if your skin tags have appeared because of hormonal imbalances or the human papilloma virus. But if you are not afraid to remove your skin tags at home, here is how to do it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
This is one of the fastest method to remove skin tags. You can also use it to remove small moles on your skin, it will peel them off in no time. You will just need a cotton pad and apple cider vinegar. Dip the pad in the vinegar so that it is nice and wet, and place it on the skin tag you want to remove. However, you should remember not to do this more than 20 minutes a day. Also be careful not to touch the skin around the skin tag you want to remove.

Do not be scared when your skin starts changing. It could feel a bit uncomfortable, and to start wrinkling, but this is what apple cider vinegar does to your skin. In a week your skin tag will be gone, of course, it also depends on its size – the bigger it is, the more time it will take to be removed. And if you have some mole, for example, that reappears, repeat the procedure, but this time for a longer period of time to remove it permanently.

Onion juice
If you do not mind the smell of the onion, or even like it, then you will love this home remedy for removing skin tags. What you have to do is to extract the juice from one onion. You can do this by putting it in a regular juicer. When you use all the juice, get some more, but not before that so that the juice is not wasted. Do the same with the apple cider vinegar – dip a cotton pad in it and apply it on the skin tag you want to remove. If you do not want to have skin tags again on this spot, do this procedure for at least 10 days and it will prevent further growth of the skin tags.

Surprise, surprise! Who could have thought that there is such a simple method of removing skin tags, and that it has been waiting for you in your first aid kit?! Get one tablet of aspirin. Put it in a small bowl and add a few drops of water over it so that it melts down. You may have to help it a little if you want to happen faster – just stir. Then apply the solution on that skin spot you want to remove and wait until it is not absorbed into the skin completely. The skin tag will be removed in no time.

Pineapple juice
After all the strong scents, here is a sweeter one. With this method you should only be careful not to eat it instead of applying it on your skin. Squeeze some pineapple juice and apply it every day for a couple of times on the skin tag. Since the juice is not that strong it may take some time to remove it completely, but it will happen for about a week more or less.

Lemon juice
Lemons contain strong acid, it is not accidental that they are so sour. And that is why they can help you with removing skin tags. Squeeze some lemon juice in a bowl and dip a cotton pad in it. Apply the cotton pad on the skin tags you want to remove until you do not start feeling your skin shriveling. Repeat it for a few days until that skin spot which has been bothering you is long gone.



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