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The cat eye eyeliner look has some serious staying power. It is unquestionably sexy, appealing and fashionable. But a new puppy eye eyeliner technique is giving the feline flick with a canine advantage.

Prepare your eyes and face. After cleansing and moisturizing your face, even out the complexion with some base foundation and concealer. Do not rub it! Rather, gently pat it on your face from the centre outward.

Step 1: Visually measure where the wing of your k-pop eyeliner would end by making a visual horizontal line from the inner corner of your eye. First, gently draw a thin, delicate line across your upper lash line. Use a dark brown or black eye pencil for this purpose. Make sure you apply short strokes so you can have everything under control. As for the wing, this liner look has you drawing the line following your eyelid’s natural downwards curve. Extent it down towards the outer corner of your eyes past your natural eye shape. Thus, it is quite literally the opposite of the cat-eye as you do not flick the wing upwards. The effect makes your eyes look a bit more open and doleful.

Step 2: Now, you need to gently connect the end of your wing towards the inner corner of your eyes. For a defined look, swipe some soft kohl liner along the waterline. Do not forget to merge the kohl into the puppy dog line. This way will make your overall appearance look more innocent and youthful.

Step 3: Finally, make the lines more visible by applying kohl pencil on top. Apply mascara. There is a reason why mascara is a desert island must-have for so many women. It opens up your eyes, making them look bigger, brighter, and more alive – all in an instant! Apply multiple coats for a buildable, virtually weightless, smudge and flake-proof look.

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