How Big is Your Baby During Each Stage of Your Pregnancy

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Many pregnant women want to know how big their baby is all the time. During the first couple of weeks the fetus is very small, but the mother can feel it in her. It is only that she is not exactly sure how big her baby is. Is it like a sunflower seed or like a peach stone? Later in their pregnancy, when their belly is visibly bigger, it seems that it is easy to imagine how big is the baby, but this is not exactly so, since not all of their bellies are taken by the baby. That is why, we have decided to share some interesting information with you. We are going to tell you how big is your baby during each stage of your pregnancy by comparing it to the size of different seeds, vegetables, and fruits. Here they are!

Weeks 4-7 of the pregnancy
We start with the 4th weeks, because in the first three, a woman would hardly know that she is pregnant, and besides, the fetus is so small, that we could not find a seed to compare it to. But in the 4th week it is already big enough to find a seed with the same size, and this is poppy seed. In the next couple of weeks the fetus will grow first in a sesame seed, which will happen in the 5th week, and then in a lentil, in the 6th. As you can see in the picture, it is growing little by little. Then in the 7th week it will be already as big as a blueberry.

Weeks 8-11 of the pregnancy
Now, we move on to the next stage of the pregnancy, which is between the 2nd and the 3rd month of the pregnancy. The baby is growing steadily, and now, in the 8th week, it is the size of a kidney bean. By the next week, however, it would have grown into the size of a grape. Then, in the 10th week, it will look like a kumquat, until the 11th week comes when it would be already as big as a fig fruit. Isn’t it amazing how fast your baby is growing? Now, it comes the 3rd stage of the pregnancy.

Weeks 12-16 of the pregnancy
In the 12th week of the pregnancy (or the 3rd month), the size of the baby will be resembling the size of a regular lime. Two weeks later, however, it would have grown bigger, this time resembling the size of a regular lemon. Until, in the 15th week of the pregnancy, it is not as big as an apple. And a week later (16th week of the pregnancy), the baby would be as big as an avocado. You have probably noticed how fast the baby has started growing. And the bigger it becomes, the faster it will grow.

Weeks 17-20 of the pregnancy
We have come to the 17th week of the pregnancy during which the baby would resemble the size of a turnip. Then it will go through the sizes of a pepper (week 18), tomato (week 19), and until it reaches the size of a banana in week 20. Then the next period is followed by other “long” types of food, like a carrot, spaghetti squash, corn on the cob, and scallion. Interestingly enough, a person would definitely not imagine their baby growing into such different shapes until they are told about it. Now we move on to the most interesting period of all, which is the last one.

Weeks 36-40 of the pregnancy
In the last stage of the pregnancy the mother’s belly is quite big, and it is more or less reasonable to compare it to watermelon. If we have to be precise, this is the 39th week of the pregnancy, and the last week, the 40th, the baby will be already as big as a pumpkin.


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