How The Lip Contour Can Change Your Look

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Down below you will find a contouring technique which will turn your innocent look into a sexy one.

Every girl in the world wants to have juicy and sassy lips. And even more – every girl wants to shape the perfect duckface when she pulls out her lips into a blow-kiss position. We all want our picture to be feminine and intense. Take a look at the steps down below and you will see how easy it is to achieve such a look, all you need is your lipstick palette, and more importantly, the nude colors, and a drawing brush. Here we go:

  1. The first and the most important rule is to keep the condition of the lip skin flawless, otherwise, the contouring trick won’t work as well as expected. Any dry cuticles will be enhanced because of the coloring products and it will be noticeable that this is not the natural look of the lips. So, smooth the lips through the exfoliating process and moisturize them with simple lip balm.

  2. Then merge the color of the lips with the color of the face by covering the lips with concealer. This little trick will allow you to outline the lips and they’ll look natural again.

  3. Start drawing the desired shape of the lips with a lip liner, in a color close to the natural color of your lips. Define the cupid’s bow and the bottom edge of the mouth.

  4. Cover the lips soft pink color. Do it with lip pencil.

  5. Now take a color which is darker than the natural color of the lips. The difference must be two tones. Draw some lines all over the lips as it is shown in the picture – at the deepest wrinkles of the lips.

  6. Smudge a little bit.

  7. Cover the lips with natural-looking color.

Stay away from glossy lipsticks, opt for the matte ones.


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