How to Apply Foundation Flawlessly

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One of the most important things one should take into consideration when it comes to beauty is their skin. If a person has flawless skin, then probably half of their beauty job is done. This, of course, is not an easy task. It involves a lot of time, money, efforts, and sometimes one can still not fight skin problems.

That is why, luckily, foundation exists. It not only hides skin blemishes, but also evens the skin tone, and it makes women more beautiful. That is why there are a lot of women who are obsessed with it and never leave their home without foundation on.

Applying foundation is not the easiest thing in the world, though. There are a few things women should have in mind when they apply foundation. And today we have decided to share with you these things in order to make foundation application more pleasant and less difficult. So, here are our tip and hacks for applying foundation perfectly.

#1 Know your skin type

The first thing you should know before you choose your foundation is to know your skin type. That is how you will choose the best foundation for you. There are two things you should have in mind. The first one is your type of skin (oily, dry, etc.), and the second thing is the color of your skin.

When it comes to skin type, if your skin is oily, for example, then you should choose a foundation with more mousse consistency. This type of foundation is thicker and it will match the oily type of your skin. If, on the other hand, your skin is dry, it is better to apply a liquid type of foundation on it. Basically you need to choose the opposite type of foundation to your skin type. That is how you will create the perfect match.

#2 Know your skin color

As we mentioned in the previous point, women also need to choose not only the best foundation formula, but also the best foundation color for them. And the best way to do it by testing. There are a lot of women who are used to testing makeup in their hands, but this method is definitely not the best one there is. This is because one’s hand skin complexion is different from their face one.

If you want to find the best match for your face, then test the foundation on it and not on your hand. Or you could test it on your neck instead. Surely, this way you be able to find a foundation color that will match your skin complexion easier than if you have tested it on your hand.

#3 Choose the best tools for the foundation application

Once you have dealt with the choice of foundation, you need to move on to the foundation application. When I learned how to apply makeup on my face, I used to apply foundation with my hands. Later I found out that there are not only easier, and less messy, ways to apply foundation, but also ones that smooth the skin better and apply it evenly.

That is why you need to have some tools that will help you apply foundation better. You will need a foundation brush and a beauty blender. Or you could do with beauty blender only when you apply foundation. You can first use a foundation brush to apply the foundation on your face. And then use a beauty blender to blend everything nicely.

I personally find it almost effortless to apply foundation using beauty blender but if you feel more comfortable using a brush then you are free to do it.

#4 Do not forget to prime your face

Getting ready for the foundation application is another important step in the process. What you always need to do before you apply foundation is to prime your face. There are dozens of different primers which you can use for the job. You only need to make sure they are good ones and really make your skin smooth and ready for the foundation application. The great thing about primers is that they are easy and fast to apply.

#5 Quality

Another thing you should consider when it comes to foundations is the quality of the product. There are some beauty products, for example, which are said to be great, but when one applies them on their skin, the result is not as flawless. If a product is claimed to be a really good one, this does not necessarily mean that it will have the same effect on your skin. That is why you always need to test the products before you buy them. Anyway, if a product’s quality is good then this will help you apply it better and you will look better as well.

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