How to Apply Gel Liner Tutorial

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The cat eye look and its flick are hard makeup tricks to master. Learning how to apply gel eyeliner might seem daunting, but this tutorial will calm all your cat-eye fears. Follow this easy and simple tutorial and you will have the outrageous and maleficent looking eyes.

Step 1: Lower your eyelid so you can have a smooth service to draw on. Take a thin pointed brush and dip it in the gel eyeliner and gently draw a thin, delicate line on your upper lash line. For more subtle and natural looking makeup, try to make the line as thin and precise as possible. Select a gel eyeliner that comes with the brush needed to create the look you want.

Step 2:  After dragging the straight line on the lash line, make your eyeliner to look a little anchored in the middle to get the glamorous look. If you are finding it difficult to hold on your hand hanging while you are applying the eyeliner then you can place your pinky finger on your cheek so that you will get better stability and accuracy.

Step 3: It looks very professional to thicken the line at the outer corners, but that requires a little more expertise and some practice. You’ll get there, though. Tilt your head to point your chin up and out, so that you can see your entire eyelid more easily. Then, hold the brush at an angle so you can see the tip touching your eye and can follow as you work.

Step 4: Create a cat eye effect by drawing the eyeliner out up at the outer corner. Use either a cotton swab or makeup sponge wipe up any mistakes right away. Finish with some black eyeliner on the inner waterline to balance the look and to keep it uniform.

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