How to Avoid the Usual Weight Gain During the Christmas Holidays

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It is the most wonderful time of the year and people are rushing around buying presents and shopping for food for the traditional Christmas supper. It is a bit crazy even but when all the fuss comes to an end only eating delicious meals has left. There is so much food during the holidays that people get tempted and eat more and more without feeling hungry. And the result of this festive eating is often a weight gain.

Instead of going on a diet after the holidays in order to lose weight would not it be better not to gain weight at all before the holidays? If you find this reasonable but also difficult to achieve, then you may use some of our advices which will help you keep the weight you have during the holidays. Here are some tips we have prepared for you.

#1Drink plenty of water

If you do not want to gain weight during the holidays, you can try this little trick – you could drink as much water as possible. This way you will fill your tummy without having extra calories.

This does not mean that you will not feel hungry at all, of course, but at least you will tame your appetite a little and will avoid having extra calories with your meals. That is why you need to make sure there is a glass of water around you during the Christmas holidays.

#2 Choose smaller plates

The next thing you could do if you do not want to overeat during the holidays is to have dishes in smaller plates. This is a psychological trick which helps people not to overeat. They fill in their small plates with food and have only it. The bigger one’s plate is the more they will fill it and thus the more they will eat. That is why you need to help your psyche a little and choose small plates.

#3 Have more salads and proteins

The next thing you could do if you do not want to gain weight during the holidays is to have more proteins, like salads and meat, and to avoid having carbohydrates which usually are more difficult to digest by one’s body and are the ones which often lead to weight gain.

During the holidays have more salads, dairy products and meat and forget about dough and sugar. Of course, you can have them as well, but try to stick to the other types of food. This way you will not overeat and will not have a lot of calories which can lead to weight gain.

#4 Go ice skating

The Christmas holidays are accompanied by a lot of eating but this is far not the only thing that people can do during the holidays. After they get bored staying at home all day doing nothing but eating, people can actually go out for a walk, or even better go ice skating.

Ice skating is one of the traditional Christmas activities a lot of people adore. Ice skating is a fun way to move your body during the lazy holidays and to burn some of the gained calories. If you include more movement into your Christmas activities, and not only eating, you will make sure you will not gain weight but why not even lose some.

#5 When at a party always have something small in your plate

The next thing that could help you not gain weight during the holidays is connected to visiting family and friends during the holidays. As we mentioned already, there is plenty of eating and drinking during the Christmas holidays, especially when people gather with family and friends they have not seen for a long time.

And what happens when you go round to see a friend or a family member? You are pushed to eat as much as possible and if anyone sees that your plate is empty, they will encourage you to have some more to eat. This, as a result, will lead to extra eating which will thus lead to weight gain. If you keep food in your plate all the time without pushing yourself to eat it as some people often do.

#6 Be careful with alcohol

The next thing which you need to be very careful about during the holidays is alcohol. As we all know, booze and food often go together especially during the holidays. And they could be both caloric. Some times of alcohol are even more caloric than a person could actually suspect. And this is the reason why people should be very careful with the amount of alcohol they drink during the holidays unless they want to go on a diet immediate afterwords.

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