How to Be Elegant in a Few Easy Steps

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Following your fashion instincts and having a personal style is something very valuable. Nevertheless, sometimes we might make bad decisions in our outfits that we regret in the future. The key to a successful look is to be confident, but also to follow the basic rules. You do not need to live according to them, but if you are aiming at elegance, this is what to consider:

  • Consider your body type. – Some people might say “I can wear whatever I want; no one can judge me for that.” That is true, but if you lack the huge confidence you need for such bravery, you can always pick the right clothes for your body shape. Baggy clothes are not a good choice for short girls with a problematic lower area, so do not rely on harem pants to hide anything: it will just make it appear even wider. It is better to go for maxi skirts and dresses, and reach for a heeled pair of shoes: they are your best friend when you need an elongated figure!
  • Emphasize what you already have! – If you have slim legs, choose short dresses or skirts, leggings and skinny jeans. If you want to put an emphasis on the upper part of your body, polo neck sweaters, tight shirts and tank tops are the perfect choice.
  • Do not show too much skin. – Always hide something from your body! Short skirts and dresses should not have a low cut upper part, so avoid these revealing pieces because they tend to make you look “cheap”. Keep it classy even when you are trying to impress a person from the opposite sex: you do not want to make the wrong impression! Leave something to the imagination. You can always choose an off-the-shoulder blouse or a long-sleeved low-back dress: they are both sexy, but not revealing.
  • Keep in mind even your age. – This one is a bit tricky. It is true that some women look young and fresh in their 40s; on the other hand, it does not suit a mom to wear a mini skirt in tartan that creates the impression of an unlived youth.
  • Find clothes that are a perfect fit. – In a time when online shopping is a huge hit, clothes that fit perfectly are a big challenge. However, do not hesitate to return a piece that is not ideal on your body. Nothing should be too big or too tight: high-quality clothes are made so that they improve your appearance, not to be uncomfortable.

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