How to Bring the Romance Back Into your Relationship

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Has your once-happy relationship devolved into bickering, resentment or just ignoring each other? If so, read five ideas to help you put the spark back into it.


  1. Bring back the dates nights each week


So many couples get caught up in not spending time together. You can’t have romance in your relationship if you don’t spend time together. Pick a time each week that you will go on a date and just go spend time together. Try to avoid the obvious topics of kids and work. Instead talk about things you each love – the kind of conversations you may have had when you first started dating. Talk about fun things, lovely memories you had together and your plans for next few years. What matters is that you and your significant other are trying to bring that romance back. By reconnecting with each other, you can not only remember exactly what it was that attracted you to each other but you will feel treasured and loved in the way you cannot help but feel when someone genuinely shows an interest in you.


  1. Talk to your partner if you think the romance is gone


Remember to be sensitive when bringing up the subject and pick an appropriate time — not when you are in the middle of an argument. Ask your significant other to commit to spending 30 minutes reflecting on the roles you think the two of you have always played in the relationship and why. Discuss what bothers you, what excites you and what makes you happy. This way you may end up encouraging him or her to act on it and do something to bring the romance back into your relationship.


  1. Do what your partner loves


If you have been in a relationship for a while, you know that knowing what they love can really help. Enjoy a weekend away together. Even if you don’t leave your city, a weekend away brings a fresh perspective and fun, new experiences. Whether it’s a golf day, karaoke night, watching movies or going out for a walk, make sure you do what your partner loves doing and try to enjoy it yourself. Show that you care. By doing this, you will be able to do things for them that are romantic.


  1. Give your significant other a give and present it in a special way


To bring the romance back into your relationship, then give your partner a special gift. This can be anything he or she has asked for recently such as a watch, a wallet, an expensive perfume, a leather belt, a purse or a new laptop to replace the old one. Once you have selected the perfect gift, simply handing it over just isn’t good enough. You can have a lot of fun with the “big reveal” itself by putting a little extra effort into the act of giving. This will make the big reveal all the more special and memorable, hence bringing the romance back into your relationship. A great way to present your gift is with a fun scavenger hunt. Each clue in the hunt can lead to locations throughout the house and can include super fun love-themed games and challenges to complete together before moving on to the next clue! The final clue, of course, will reveal the location of your actual gift. Another way to present your gift is the secret discovery. This is where you hide your gift somewhere your partner will stumble upon it, getting a pleasant surprise. For example, hide the gift inside the bathroom cabinet, the sock drawer or the wardrobe. They will never expect to find their gift in such an extraordinary way!


  1. Do something that’s outside your comfort zone


Not everyone likes surprises, but if you want romance, sometimes you need spontaneity in your life. Keep things exciting by surprising your spouse or doing something outside of your comfort zone. For instance, if you are used to eating in every day, then offer your partner to go somewhere nice. After your meal, surprise your significant other with a fun activity for both of you such as roller skating, massage spa therapies, bowling or laser tag!

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