How to Burn More Calories a Day without Exercises or Diets

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There are a lot of women, probably more than half of the world’s female population, that want to lose weight and are not completely happy about their bodies. They often do not do anything about it because it either costs too much, or because it is too time consuming.

In other words, it is not an easy job. But still you should not worry if this is the case with you, because there is still a way you could lose weight by taking less calories a day without even making too dramatic changes in your daily routine. Just pay attention to these simple rules and try to follow them.

#1 Have your coffee black

If you are one of the people that need their daily dose of coffee in the morning and cannot give it up, you could at least do not add any sugar or sweetener to it. It would be best if you do not add any milk to it and take it black. This way your wakeup drink will not have any calories in it, so if you just stop adding sugar and milk in your coffee, you will reduce your calorie intake with more than 200. And you will do this without changing too much of your daily routine.

#2 Chew your food slowly

You have probably heard that chewing your food the right way can really help you lose weight. It will be healthier for you and your digestive system can process the food better this way. Besides, when you chew your food slowly will automatically make you feel full faster and you will have less calories – about 100 per a meal.

If you do this for all of your daily meal (3), it means that your calories intake will drop with 300 calories more. One of the ways to make yourself slow down the speed of eating is by putting the fork/spoon down on the plate every time you grab a bite. This will slow down your eating and you will notice that you are eating less food.

#3 Eat healthier versions of your favorite meals

We all know that hamburgers are one of people’s favorite meals, but they could not be considered a healthy kind of food. This, however, does not mean that they do not have a healthier version which contains less calories. For example, you can prepare your hamburger at home and this way you can choose less caloric ingredients.

Forget about mayo and meat and make your hamburger a vege-burger. If you have your burgers this way and not the traditional recipe with meat, you will cut down the calories intake by 400 which is a lot considering the daily amount of 2500 calories that an average person should have a day.

#4 Get enough sleep

Sleep is extremely important if you want to have a healthy lifestyle. However, researches show that people who sleep 7-8 hours a day are more likely to take with 300 calories per day compared to the people who sleep less. It turns out that sleep is also very important for your body and you should not underestimate it. Make sure that you get enough sleep every night in order to take less calories the next day. And you will also feel better and will have more energy.

#5 Use coconut oil for cooking

You have probably heard about all the benefits coconut oil has on your skin and hair. Now you are going to use it to lose weight as well. If you are still using sunflower seed oil, or butter when you cook, it is time to start using coconut oil instead. Your meals would still have the same taste, but the benefits will be a lot.

Using coconut oil in meals will stimulate your body to lose weight. This is because coconut oil boosts natural fat burning in your body. It is all natural and it would not stress your body or have a negative effect on your health. So, it is definitely worth trying.

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