How to Choose a Skirt for Your Body Type

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Skirts are one of the ultimate feminine type of clothes together with high heels and dresses. This is probably why a lot of fashion critics say that every woman should have at least one skirt in her wardrobe. However, there are still a lot of women who do not feel comfortable wearing skirts. And this is not because they feel uncomfortable walking in it or something like that. It turns out that most women who avoid wearing skirts do it because they do not think that skirts suit their body figure.

Well, if you are one of these women, you should know this is not true. There are different types of skirts designed to suit different kind of female figures. If you feel that there is not a type of skirt for you, this means that you only have not found it. Check out the different body types and the best types of skirts for them. Which is your body type?

#1 Rectangular body type

If you have such a body type, meaning that your hips, waist, shoulders, even bust have equal measures, you need to choose skirts which will make your waist and your hips stand out to make your body more feminine and curvy in a way. Such kinds of skirts are tulip skirts, pencil skirts, pleated skirts, and A-line skirts. All of these types of skirts will give shape to your body making it more voluptuous and sexy.

#2 Hourglass body shape

This is one of the sexiest body shapes – thin waist and sexy curves curves. The great thing about your body is that you can choose whatever type of skirt you want. You only need to make sure it accentuates on your waistline. Such types of skirts are high-waist skirts, pencil skirts, and trapezium skirts. If you like your leg, you can wear short skirts as well.

#3 Inverted Triangle body shape

As the very name of this body shape suggests, it is one which upper half of the body (shoulders, breasts) is wider than the lower half (hips, booty). If you have such body type, you need to equalize in a way the width of both parts of your body. You can do this by wearing straight skirts, pleated skirts, or even skirt-pants.

#4 Apple body shape

Women with such body type are often afraid that whatever kind of skirt they put on, it will not look good on their body figure. In fact, this is not true. They only need to choose a skirt which will accentuate on their waist. This could easily be done by avoiding miniskirts and pencil skirts because these ones will only accentuate on the parts of the body women want to hide. The best choice for women with this body shape is either high-waist skirts, or gored skirts.

#5 Pear body shape

This is probably the most famous female body shape of all times. Some people also call it Triangular body shape. As the name suggests, women with such body shape have wider hips and booty, and smaller shoulder and breast area. If you have such type of body, you need to make sure you do not wear skirts which will accentuate on the lower part of your body, because they would make you look like having even wider hips and booty. The type of skirts which you should wear instead are straight skirts, A-line skirts, and dirndl skirts. They will suit your body perfectly, hiding what you do not want to be exposed and showing what you want to be.

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