How to choose boots according to the shape of your feet?

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It is believed that the woman must have faultless three things: hair, nails and shoes. If the first two can be confidently trusted to the masters in beauty salons, the third must be decided yourself. The problem of the choice of footwear is the most relevant in the cold season. We want shows that are both stylish and beautiful, warm and comfortable. Incorrectly selected shoes, ankle boots or high boots will hopelessly ruin our looks, even if we tried to hairstyle and manicure. We suggest that you focus on the selection of boots: what model to choose for autumn and winter according to your height, weight and shape of the feet? We will help you answer this question!

  1. If you have large calves, in any case it is not necessary to draw attention to them. Large buckles, leather or playful decoration will make the calf even wider. Use the laws of visual deception – vertical zipper will give legs neatness and grace.
  2. Owners of thin calves – not recommended to resort to large and bulky models, or the boots with embossed / corrugated material. If these boots are wider in the calf with even a few inches, it will inevitably create the impression of too skinny legs. Choose bright colors or bright tights and not in tone, but in contrast with the shoes.
  3. Long and slender legs are better highlighted with a visual form of boots with vertical zipper. Additional effect is given from the thin high heels of the booths. Square current and expansion in the upper leg makes the straight legs fuller and wider, so avoid this pattern, especially if you are not very high.
  4. The rounded nose of boots gives femininity and elegance, which helps to cover a wide leg. Buckles and decorations ankles are to be avoided if you do not want to focus on the wider feet.
  5. The owner of a large size should avoid boots with sharp noses and boots in bright shades. They fit into the shoe with a rounded nose, dark in color and the platform.

These are the basic tips to follow next time you go shoe shopping and you do not know what boots will look best on you. Sometimes women choose boots that look pretty and because their think makes them look slimmer, but most often than not, they buy boots that do not complement the shape of their feet, making their feet look ugly, even if they are not.

Make sure you choose your shoes and boots are both comfortable and also the best one to complement your feet. Manicure and good hairstyle can only do so much – shoes are what makes a woman look pretty, enhancing her overall appearance. It is not necessary that the shoes need to be outrageously expensive if they fit your feet perfectly. They may look ugly according to you, or may not be the latest hit of the season, but choosing the right shoe for your feet will for sure make even the so called ugly boots look gorgeous and elegant.


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