How to Choose the Right Kind of Accessories for Your Body Type

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It is no secret that different women have different kinds of bodies. And there is nothing wrong about it. On the contrary, it is good when there is so much diversity in life. And since there are different body types, there would be different kinds of clothes that will look good on them.

Today, however, we are not going to tell you how to choose clothes for your body type. Today we are going to show you how to choose fashion accessories that will match your body type perfectly. So, this way you will not wonder which accessories will look good on your body.

#1 Triangular Body Type

The first of the different body types in our list is the Triangular body type. As you can guess from the name of it, women with such body type have wide hip area and narrow shoulders, resembling the figure of a triangular. If you have such body type, you need to draw the attention away from your hips and booty, and to draw it to your shoulders.

This way you can wear some big necklace and big earrings. Big jewelries will draw the attention to the upper part of your body. You need to avoid wearing big bags that will draw attention to the bottom part of your body. It would be better if you wear clutch bags, or simply smaller ones.

You can wear different types of hats because they will draw attention to your head, thus the upper part of your body. As for the shoes, you can wear beige shoes and high heels.

#2 Inverted Triangular Body Type

This body type is the opposite to the Triangular body type which means that the shoulder part of a woman’s body will be wider than the hip one. This means that if you have such a body type, you will need to draw the attention away from the upper part of the body. This way it would be best to avoid big necklaces and big earrings.

You can wear long earring, though. They will elongate your face and neck and will not make it look wider. You can also wear big bracelets, bangles, and watches. They will draw attention to the bottom half of your body. You can also wear big bags and impressive belts. Shoes can be high heels, boots, or some colorful ones.

#3 Rectangular Body Type

Women with rectangular bodies have shoulder, belly and hip areas with relatively even widths. The body shape resembles the one of a rectangular. Women with such body types should strive at creating the illusion that their bodies have some curves.

This way the accessories that can match this body type are scarves and belts. Belts are very important because they can easily create the illusion of a more curvacious body. The belt needs to be a big one and even a shiny or colorful one in order to draw attention.

Other kinds of accessories that complement such kinds of body type are round or oval bags in medium sizes. Soft and rounded edges of a bag can complement rectangular body types.

#4 Hourglass Body Type

This is the kind of body type a lot of women all over the world want – big breasts, big booty, and small waistline. It is considered that this body type has the ideal proportions. That is why women with such body type only need to complement it and not try to hide it.

They can do it by wearing accessories that are feminine, like gentle necklaces and bracelets, as well as small shoulder bags and high heels, including boots. Basically women with such body type can wear whatever they want as long as these items do not hide their curves, but complement them.

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