How to Choose the Right Size Curling Iron

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There are so many sized curling irons on the shelves, so it is important to know which one will help you achieve the desired amazing look! To make your life a little bit easier, we have outlined a list of irons, what they do and how you can use them for different looks!

1.The 13 mm barrel

Explore the world of natural curls with this 13 mm curling iron. It is the most suitable curling iron for every length of hair because it is rather small, giving you that perfect bouncy hair. It can create retro ringlets, sensuous spiral to springy curls depending on how thin or thick section you take.

2.The 18/9 mm barrel

Similar to the previous curling iron, this 18/9 mm barrel will help you give amazing hairstyle with curlier ends. It is typically more suitable for longer hair but short hair can also create volume and add some texture.

3.The pearl barrel

This curling iron is designed for versatile styling, whether you want to create loose waves, curls, full-bodied locks, or anything in between. Create luxurious style with this clipless curling wand and make a bold statement. Your hair is left smooth and silky with a luminous luster.

4.The 19 mm barrel

It can create volume for short hair, posh waves to loose, big bouncy curls for medium hair, and spirals or retro curls for longer hair.

5.The 13/25 mm barrel

Natural curls are not same all over the head. Thus, this is the staple curling iron for the curly haired people when you just want to tame a few and don’t want to do the complete head.

6.The 25/13 mm barrel

This is the best size to create the sensuous curls like the Victoria Secret’s models! Your glossy curls will last all day no matter your hair length or type!

7.The 32 mm barrel

This 32 mm barrel gives you more volume than curls. If you want the posh, flat wavy look like Jessica Alba or Kristen Stewarts, then this curling iron is your best friend!

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