How to Choose the Right Type Jewelry for the New Year’s Eve Party

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Even though the Christmas euphoria has overwhelmed most of the people, we should still not forget that after Christmas, we have to celebrate New Year’s Eve as well. So, make sure that you save some of your energy for this amazing holiday. If Christmas is more of a family holiday, New Year’s Eve is more party-oriented. People usually have high hopes for the New Year and want to celebrate its beginning properly.

So, what you need to bring to the party, except from your good mood, is your best outfit accompanied by some of your best jewelries. Women put most of their effort to find the best dress for them that they forget about the right jewelries to match the outfit.

#1 Shine bright like a diamond!
New Year’s Eve is probably one of the few special events during the year, when women can be as elegant as they want. There is nothing like being too overdressed for the party. On the contrary, the more sparkle you have, the better. And that is why our first suggestion is diamonds. You can absolutely wear them at the party. The last time you probably wore diamonds were on your prom maybe, so you can use this occasion to get them out of the jewelry box and shine all night long.

#2 Pearls
Here is another special kind of jewelry you can wear at the party this year. Pearls, except from being very beautiful, they are extremely elegant. Women who wear pearls are very classy and elegant, and could definitely be considered to be a bit more conservative.

If you are one of the women who want to wear pearls for the New Year’s party, you will definitely not be spotted dancing on the tables and singing out loud. You know how much to drink and how to party without looking foolish and be laughed at. So, if you wear pearls, then good choice, ladies!

#3 Be aStar
There is one type of jewelry, which can make you a star – pendants in the shape of stars. There are various types of material that are used to make the star jewelries, and you can choose your favorite one. It does not matter if you choose silver, gold or white gold, steal, oreven some jewelry with sparkling stones on them, you will definitely feel special with it.

Stars are often associated with the Bethlehemstar and, thus, Christmas. And since Christmas and New Year’s Eve are kind of neighbors, you can borrow the star and this way to become a star yourself.

#4 Colorful jewelry
At this year’s party you can be bold and let loose. Forget about all the problems and leave them behind. Dance, sing, laugh, and party all night. If you have decided to have a similar celebration to what I have described, then the right kind of jewelry for you will be the colorful one.

The most traditional types of jewelry are either in silver, white, gold, and sometimes black. So, you will best break the rules by wearing something in blue, red, green, pink, or purple at the party. This way the jewelry will match you personality and your mood and will show everybody around who is the person that can have most fun at parties, especially New Year’s ones.

#5 Express your elegance and beauty by wearing around-the-neck jewelry
Here is another kind of jewelry that will make you look extremely elegant. Some women do not like wearing anything around their necks, like turtlenecks, buttoned up shirts, and jewelries, so they would probably skip this suggestion, but if you are not one of them feel free to try it.

Here is an example that may encourage you to wear such kind of jewelry: a tight elegant black dress showing off your bare back. High heels with sparkling stones on them. Elegant clutch bag, either black or silver. High ponytail showing off your neck and back. Long earrings and a necklace around your neck. Well, if that is not a pretty picture, worth to rock the red carpet, then there should be something wrong with the world.

#6 Be a queen and wear a Tiara
Most people think there are two types of New Year’s parties – the sophisticated ones and the wild ones. Well, if you want to be part of both just be a queen and wear a tiara. It depends on the tiara whether it would be more party-like oriented, or more of an elegant one, suitable for celebrating the New Year with the president. And if you want to loosen up, to have fun, to look elegant, and even have an accessory, that is going to be a conversation starter, then you should definitely pick a tiara as part of your party jewelry.

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