How to Contour – A Guide to Contouring & Highlighting

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Oh, contouring. The term that was little known five years ago has essentially broken the Internet over the past few months. We all know why everyone is so obsessed about it. You can use your lightest concealer or a bit of highlighter to make your favourite features stand out and contour some parts of your face to create the ultimate definition. The makeup technique that’s gone stratospheric in recent months is something you should really adopt into your beauty routine!

Step 1: Create a poreless, even looking base by applying cream face primer over cheeks, nose and forehead. For best results, apply makeup primer with infallible mattifying base to lock the shine in and enhance the final makeup result. Apply just a small amount on your skin, working outwards for a flawless looking texture. A flawless base will set your makeup up for success.

Step 2: Let’s start first with the highlighting. Place a touch of highlighter—or even a concealer that’s two or three shades lighter than your skin—on top of the Cupid’s bow and on the centre of the chin. Blend well with a brush.  Then, focus on the bridge of your nose, under your eyes and your forehead.

Now it’s time to contour with a colour one or two shades deeper than your base tone. Focus on the side of your nose, right under your cheekbones and hairline.

Step 3: Blend everything to perfection! Take a sponge to blend the makeup in until there are no visible lines between the regular foundations the lighter and darker colours. Set with a light powder and add just a bit of blush on the apples of cheeks.

Step 4: Now all you need to do is to continue with your makeup routine – black smoky eyes, nude lipstick and false eyelashes for the perfect finish.



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