How to Contour and Highlight Well According to Your Face Shape

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Contouring has turned into an essential makeup technique for almost every fashion girl. Some of them are lucky to have a face shape that is naturally contoured, but others, of course, need some help with exaggerating their facial features. It is not extremely essential that you contour every day, but for special occasions it is worth the effort and time to see how you would look with your face contoured. And we have prepared for you some tips, that would make contouring much easier and personalized for you. Now you will learn the best techniques for your own face shape.

Usually when people think of contouring, they visualize 2 foundation shades – one which is lighter than their natural skin tone, and one, which is a few tones darker than their complexion. Sometimes, instead of lighter brown  choose a pink or purple shade, sometimes white for the under eye area if there are some quite unpleasant dark circles. Before we start with the actual explanations how to contour your face, here are some instructions. On the picture below you can see two colors that are used to show you how to contour your face shape. The pink one means “to contour”, while the purple one means “to highlight”. Remember this before you start contouring. And now let’s check out the different ways of contouring for the different face types.

Oblong face
If you have oblong face, then its shape is something in between a rectangular one and an oval one. It is long, but it is not that sharp as the rectangular one. For example, the chin is much softer and there is no sharp angle. If this is your face type, then look at the first picture to see how to contour it. You do not need any highlighting, and that is why you can see only pink color in the first picture. You do not need it because the effect will be lost. You only need to contour it by applying some dark foundation on your forehead close to your hairline, and under your lips between your chin and your lips, the way it is shown on the picture. You need to make it look more of an oval face shape, than of the rectangular one.

Rectangular face
This face shape is like the oblong one, but with a bit more sharp edges. If you have this face shape, then you do not need to highlight it, just like the oblong face. You only need to contour it, but pay attention to the specific spots of your face, where you will apply the foundation to soften up your face features. Just focus again on the forehead and the jaw, but this time apply foundation on each corner of your face: the two upper corners of your forehead and along the jawline.

Round face
People with round face often worry that they have “fat” face. This is just an illusion that the proportions of your face create. If you want, however, to cover it up and to make your face look slimmer, here is what to do. As it is shown on the picture, you will need to both highlight and to contour. Apply the lighter foundation on your forehead and jaw line to make your face look longer, and apply along both sides of your face the way it is shown in the picture. The result will be longer and slimmer face.

Square face
This face type looks a bit like the rectangular one, but it is not that long. That is why you need to add highlighter to the contour. Soften the edges of your face by applying darker foundation on the 4 edges of your face. But this time apply the highlighter on the middle of your forehead close to the hairline, and between the chin and your lips. And then you can blend safely with a blending brush.

Inverted triangle face
This face shape is the one which has a bigger forehead and a sharp chin. What you have to is make your forehead shorter by applying dark foundation on the upper two corners of your face, and to apply some light foundation along your cheeks. Finish with some dark foundation between your chin and lips.

Diamond face
As you can see on the picture, this face probably takes more time to get contoured, but once tried, you will see it is very easy. Just take the darker and lighter foundations in turns. Apply the darker one on the 4 main parts of your face (up, down, left, right), and the lighter – between them.

Triangle face
For this face type you need to make your jaw line smaller by applying dark foundation on it, and a bit on your forehead right in the middle. Make the forehead look bigger by applying some of the lighter foundation on the two sides of the forehead.

Heart shape face
As it is shown on the picture this face shape needs more of the dark foundation than lighter one. Apply it on the two upper corners of your forehead, and on your cheekbones, to make them longer. Finish by applying some highlighter on your chin.

Oval face
If this is your face type, then congratulations, your face is almost perfect and it does not need contouring.

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