How to Contour Your Nose to Make it Look Smaller

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Unless you were blessed with seriously great genetics or have already made friends with your local plastic surgeon, you have probably wished for a smaller nose. If you’ve been looking for a way to make your nose appear slimmer, search no further! This tutorial will teach you how to make your nose look smaller by using only makeup. More precisely, you will focus on the contouring technique that is all over the Internet at the moment.

Step 1: Before you begin, apply a small amount of makeup primer all over your face to make the contouring last longer without smudging away.

Step 2: Dip your angled brush into your contour powder or highlight and draw a thin line down the centre of your nose. Keep it light. It is easier to build product than to take it away afterwards. Blend the product into the tip of your nose for a seamless transition. If you want to slim down wide nostrils, then apply the shadow to the sides of your nose as well.

Step 3: Take another small makeup brush and dip it into your contour or dark foundation. Apply the product down each side of your nose, as shown on the picture. Draw a small line outward when you get to your nostrils. Then, draw another line before the tip of your nose to give the illusion of a slimmer tip.

Step 4: Dip another wider brush into a highlighter powder and draw a slender, subtle line down the centre of your nose to set the foundation nicely.

Step 5: Take a clean fluffy brush and blend your lines nicely to ensure a seamless transition. Blend until you can’t see a line anymore. This step will ensure that the contouring makeup effect is blended nicely with your skin tone and not visible to anyone.

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