How To Create The Perfect Cupid’s Bow

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Some lips don’t have perfectly defined cupid’s bow, but it is a desired detail. Many girls want to have precise cupid’s bow.

I will show you how to create this delicate part of your lips with the help of lip liner and highlighter. Take a look at the steps:

  • When you have to reshape some part of your face with makeup, you will have to merge the color of the part that you want to change with the color of the surrounding area. In our case, you have to make the upper border of the mouth the same color as the facial skin. This can be easily achieved with concealer. But there is one small problem – the condition of the lips. If the skin of the lips is cracked, dry and full of flaws, you have to smooth it out. The smoothing can be achieved with exfoliating and moisturizing the lips. Use a homemade lip scrub, made with honey and white crystal sugar.

  • When the lips are ready for the colors, prepare them, as I said, with concealer so that it will be easier for you to draw the shape of the cupid’s bow better and the result will look more natural.

  • Now take the lip liner and draw two triangles at the upper lip. Then trace the corners of the mouth and connect the lines all together.

  • Enhance the bottom lip as well.

  • Smudge the liner inwards with finger. Try not to smudge the lines at the cupid’s bow.

  • Then cover the lips with the same color lipstick. If you want a matte finish of the lips, don’t cover them with lip gloss.

  • Done!

Your lips are an important part of the makeup, which means that you should take great care of them. Not only with proper colors, but also with proper cosmetic products and balms.


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