How to Create the Right Brow Shape for Your Eye Type

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You know that there is a mathematic formula to define the shape of the brow and you know that this shape must be matched with the features of the face in order to create a balance, but do you know that the shape of the brow must be matched also with the type of the eye. Not all girls know that and that’s why I decided to show you some of the most common eye shaped and how to flatter them with the right eyebrow shape. So, take a look at the tips down below and I hope they will be very useful for you. Here we go:

First of all, I will remind you what’s the formula to create the brow shape according to your eye size:

  • Take a thin and long pencil. Place it alongside the nose. The area where the pencil crosses the brow is its beginning. Mark that place with another pencil.

  • Then, tilt the pencil to the center of the eye – area where the pencil crosses the brow is the area where the arch must be created, if you are going to have an arch at all.

  • And tilt the pencil one more time, through the outer corner of the eye and you will find where the brow should end.

So, here are the basic eye types and the best brow shapes for them:

  • Round or Almond eye. Both the flat and the high-arched brow shapes will look good on these eye types.

  • Droopy eyes. You should create a high arch so it will create an illusion of lifted eye.

  • Narrow eye. The brow must be flat, in order to follow the natural shape of the eye.

These are my tips, but the best one is to follow the natural shape of your eyebrow, because this is the best way to have the perfect eyebrow shape for your face – the way you were born!

how to create a brow shape ccording to your eye type

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