How to Deal with Some of the Most Annoying Beauty Problems

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Nowadays a lot of people are obsessed with beauty. There are different stereotypes about what is pretty, like blond hair, blue eyes, tall, slim, and so on.

Of course, opinions differ when it comes to the idea of beauty, but there are different unpleasant things about a person which are definitely considered unattractive by people, like greasy hair, or blackheads.

And today we are going to help you get rid of some of the most common and most annoying beauty problems. Here are some of our most useful tips!

#1 Greasy hair

There are different types of hair. Some people have dry hair, others – oily. It is extremely annoying to have both of these types of hair, but greasy one is a bit more unpleasant since it makes people look a little scruffy and not put-together.

So if your hair gets greasy too quickly, you need to put some sea salt in your shampoo. The salt will close the pores a little and this way it will take longer for your hair to get greasy.

If you want to achieve even better results, you need to rinse your hair with cool water after you wash it. It will additionally help close the pores and thus your hair will remain clean longer.

#2 Dark circles under the eyes

The next problem a lot of people want to deal with is dark circles under the eyes. They are extremely unattractive and make a person look tired and older.

It is a common belief that they could appear only because of lack of sleep. There are other reasons for them as well, like unhealthy eating accompanied by a lot of salt and genetic predisposition.

But if you want to get rid of them, there is still a way you could do it. You will need to mix a little ground coffee with a little coconut oil.

Apply the mixture on the dark circles under your eyes three times a week and let the mixture stay on your face as long as possible. If you can, sleep with it on. In a couple of weeks there will be no sign of the circles.

#3 Black heads

Another very common and also very annoying beauty problem is black heads. They are the result of increased sebum production by the sebaceous glands and sometimes blackheads are also the result of improper skin care.

If you want to get rid of the persistent black head you firstlyneed to keep your skin moisturized and secondly, you may try this easy and quick remedy. You need to mix equal parts of flour, honey and warm water. Stir the ingredients together until you get a paste.

Apply it on the parts of your skin with blackheads on using a cotton pad. Let the mixture stay on the problem areas for at least 10 minutes and then rinse it away. You can repeat the procedure as much as needed in order to get rid of the blackheads completely.

#4 Cellulite

Another very common problem a lot of women have to deal with is cellulite. It is just part of a woman’s nature but it does not mean that we cannot do anything to reduce it or why not to get rid of it completely.

Some of the things that can help reduce cellulite is drinking a lot of water, and really a lot, doing sports, and having a healthy diet.

And if you want to speed up the process, you could try this remedy. You will need a small amount of clay, some ground ginger and warm water. Stir the ingredients together until a paste is formed.

Then apply it on the areas of your butt and legs where cellulite forms and wrap it with some towel, or even better a plastic wrap.

Stay like that at least half an hour, and if it is possible – 1 hour, or even sleep with the wrap on, and then wash it away. Repeat the procedure a few times a week. The more consistent you are, the sooner you will see the results coming.

#5 Breaking nails

Some people have very fragile nails. This is mainly a woman’s concern since women want to have beautiful manicures. And how to do this if one’s nails are constantly breaking? There are different products on the market which are advertised for making nails stronger. You can use them, of course, or you could try this home-made remedy for breaking nails.

You need to mix same amount of coconut oil and honey, and then to add some lavender oil – about half the amount of the other two ingredients. Mix them well together and then apply the mixture on your nails every night before going to sleep. Soon you will see how much stronger your nails have become after you have started applying the mix on th

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