How To Dress If You Have Wide Hips

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It is not absolutely necessary to have the body measurements of Adriana Lima to look good. It is enough to know what and how to wear it in order to flatter your body and all of its flaws and benefits. The trick is to hide the worst and show the best.

Let’s talk about ladies with bigger hips and how to use that shape of the body to look sexy and stylish all the time.

  • When you need a skirt, here are the signs that you should search for: midi length of the skirt, high waist; also an extravagant shape of the design will look great. Go for long skirts too, and be careful with the patterns. You can wear a skirt with vertical stripes, which will make you look thinner and taller. Keep the top of the outfit darker and top brighter. You will create an illusion that you are thinner at the bottom and bold at the top. And if you have big breasts make sure that you are showing them properly.
  • The most appropriate trousers for you are those that has straight legs. Again, choose a model with high waist and let the legs go down in the shape of cigarettes. Forget about geometric pattern or flowers to the pant. Choose one color, it could be brighter, but only one. For instance, match burgundy pants with beige shirt and black jacket – you will look amazing, I’m picturing it.
  • It’s better to choose blouses and sweaters that are longer than your waist. They have to reach the middle of your bottom. And also, flatter your waist with a tailored model of the blouse. The Peplum design will work perfectly for you, just choose one that is longer at the back and shorter at the front. Also, choose blouses that have some kind of decoration at the neck and the shoulder. That’s how you will draw attention to that area than the hip area.
  • When you choose coats and jackets, choose slim cut models, the belts at the waist will be perfect for your type of body. It’s recommended to wear long coats, which reach at least the area above your knees.
  • Bags and accessories. It is important what kind of bag  you are wearing. For elegant occasions and outfit you must choose the clutch, but for casual occasions, you can’t wear a clutch, you will need something more practical, like a handbag. Forbid yourself to wear a bag on the shoulder, because it will blend the silhouette and make you look enormous. Choose a bag with short handles so you won’t be tempted to put the bag on your shoulder. You will have to wear it on your elbow crease or hold in like in hand. And when it comes to accessories go for short necklaces, which could be also large and colorful. Try to do whatever you can to put the focus of your body off the middle section – the wide hips.

But there is something else, you should enhance the big booty, because it is widely fashionable these days. All the celebrities are putting implants in their bottoms and you are gifted with natural curvy lines, enjoy them and be proud of them!

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