How to Find the Best Trousers for You

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Do you like wearing trousers? Remember that we do not talk about jeans, but only trousers. They are 2 similar types of clothing, but there are some things that make people choose jeans more often than trousers in their free time, and trousers more often than jeans when they are at the office. It is simply because jeans are more casual, and trousers more elegant.

However, there are a lot of women who have issues wearing trousers. They thus prefer wearing skirts or dresses, and avoid trousers as much as they can. What is the reason for this? They simply say they do not like their legs, and when they are wearing pants they feel uncomfortable. They even share that sometimes they feel naked because all their imperfections on their legs are exposed to the eyes of the people around them. And basically wearing pant for them is a torture.

Well, that is why we have decided to share some valuable information with you that will make wearing trousers feel good. The one thing that you should only consider is your body shape. You have probably noticed that some trousers look good on a friend, but when you try them on, it is not that good. The reason for this is that your body shapes are different. And the good thing is that fashion designers have created all kinds of trousers to fit any body type. Here are all the body types and the perfect pair of trousers for them.

I-shape body type
As you can see on the picture, women with I-body shape are very tall and slim, resembling the letter “I”. They are basically a model type of women. But some are not extremely happy with their measures, because they would want to have curves. And you can have your curves with the right type of trousers, which creates the illusion that under them there is a nice round booty. So, for your body shape choose pants with loose upper part.

V-shape body type
Looking at the picture, you would probably guess what kind of body type this is – one with bigger bust and shoulder area, and smaller hips and booty. This is some women’s dream body. So, if you have it, then you should be glad, but sometimes you probably feel uncomfortable because your shoulder area is bigger as well. As for the pants, wear such with wide shoulders and tight waistline. This way you will balance the wider shoulder area you have, and you will exaggerate your tiny waist.

H-shape body type
This kind of body shape looks like the letter “H” because the shoulders, the waist and the hips are relatively with the same size. Others call this body type “a board”, because there are no curves. So, the right trousers for you will be those ones, which complement your long legs.

A-shape body type
As you can guess, this body type is the exact opposite of V-shape body type. A-shapers have small shoulder and bust areas, and big booty and hips. Be proud of your body shape, and choose a pair of pants that complement your booty, but also make sure that the pants have bootlegs, or that they are wider in the calf area.

X-shape body type
This body type, look at the picture for help, is one that has big bust area, and big booty, while the waistline is smaller. Of course, the transition is not that abrupt, though.This body shape is also called “hourglass”. If you wander what type of pants to wear to complement your body, try with waistbands. It will even the transition even more. Also choose more or less straight legs which will not add weight to your calves.

O-shape body type
These women are quite curvy. They have both big hips, big booty, and a belly. Women with such body shape are often pregnant, or have been pregnant, so before they lose some pounds. You can try with a pair of maternity pants, or ones that have loose waistline, but with slim legs.

8-shape body type
This body type could remind you a lot of the x-body type, because they both are a type of hourglass. But the difference is that 8-shapers have smaller booties and smaller busts compared to x-shapers. For your body type the best pair of pants is a straight one, or boot-cut.

Petite body type
And the last, but not least body type, is the petite one. If this is your body type, then you are definitely not quite tall, so keep in mind that your trousers should be as long as possible, no matter what your body shape is. There should be also no loose legs, because it will make you shrink even more. So, stay to the straight and long trousers.



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