How to Get Rid of Herpes

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Herpes is not only ugly, but it is also quite irritating. It is some kind of feeling that is both itchy and painful and you can be sure that nobody wants to have herpes. There are a lot of people who suffer from herpes. There are periods in one’s life when herpes occurs on their lips and you cannot help it, but wait for it to cure itself.

And some day soon herpes can occur again. This constant occurrence is because herpes is incurable. Some people’s immune system has developed a way to fight herpes, while others’ immune system cannot fight it and it attacks the their bodies.

The only thing that one can do when has herpes is to use some remedies on it in order to get rid of it faster. So, if you notice that herpes occurs often on your lips, then you definitely need to find out about these remedies. Here they are!

#1 Use baking soda

Baking soda helps for a lot of different body conditions. It may whiten your teeth, it can neutralize the smell of your sweat, and now you can use it to get rid of herpes more quickly. Just apply a little baking soda on your herpes and leave it like that for as long as possible.

The baking soda will dry out the place, which will help the natural process of getting rid of the herpes to happen faster. If you have often had herpes on your lips, you have probably noticed that it is quite difficult to get rid of them since the spot is quite humid because of the saliva.

By using baking soda you will get rid of the saliva on the herpes and from the herpes itself. You sill need to be careful when applying it and if you notice that it is too itchy and even painful, then rinse the baking soda immediately.

#2 Use Aloe Vera

Aloe is perfect for soothing inflammation and skin irritation. It is great when helping with sunburns and it is used in a lot of creams. Well, it turns out that it is also helpful when healing herpes lesions. What you need to do is simply to apply some aloe vera cream on the herpes so that you cover it completely and to leave it like that to dry itself.

There are a lot of doctors that recommend this treatment as the best one, because it is most effective. So, make sure you always have aloe vera cream at home and apply it on the herpes as soon as you notice that you have one.

#3 Use coconut oil

Not only baking soda, but also coconut oil has a lot of different purposes. Coconut oil is used in hair or facial masks, for example. Coconut oil is also good when dealing with herpes. This is because it can antibacterial and antiviral properties, thus it helps kill the bacteria from your lips and to cure your herpes faster.

Herpes is often caused by low immune system and coconut oil has the ability to increase the immune support of the human body. The only thing you need to do is to apply some coconut oil directly on the herpes and leave it like that until it absorbs into the skin, or as long as you can. Try to apply coconut oil on the herpes for about 3 times a day. Within a couple of days you will notice that it would have started disappearing.

#4 Wash all your bedding linen and towels

If you want to help your body deal with herpes, you need to think about your hygiene as well. Make sure that you do not touch the herpes with your hands, because you may spread the bacteria. You also need to wash your clothes, especially your bedding linen and towels after every time you use them during the period when you have herpes. This will again serve as a prevention from spreading bacteria around. You should to protect not only yourself, but also the people you live with.

#5 Relax

Sometimes herpes is caused not only because of weak immune system, but because one is under a lot of pressure and stress. The human body simply is looking for a way to fight it and as a reaction herpes appears. So, if you not only want to fight it, but also to make sure that herpes does not appear anytime soon, you need to relax. Are you getting enough sleep? Or are you working long hours at the office without a break? Are you worried about problems you have?

You should think of the herpes as a signal to your body that it simply should slow down. Start meditating or start practicing yoga if you are not able to relax on your own. You could even seek some medical help, but make sure you do something about it.

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