How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks at Home

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There are a lot of people who have stretch marks, especially women who have given birth soon. This very unpleasant stretch marks, as their name suggest, appear on our skin, when it has to stretch too fast for its own abilities. That is way pregnant women have ones, because their skin is just not capable of stretching so fast that it can hold a baby. Other times, when people gain too much weight in a short time, they also have stretch marks, because their skin again is put into test. The worst thing is that even when you give birth, or when you lose weight, your skin cannot get un-stretched and the stretch marks remain.

A lot of women try different things to remove their stretch marks, like using some creams or eve surgeries, but this costs a lot of money. And if you do not want to give this money away, just look at what we have prepared for you – the top ways you can get rid of stretch marks at home! You will not need to spend a lot of money and all the product you are going to use are natural, with no chemicals, so everybody can try it.

#1 Aloe Vera
Who has not heard of aloe vera and all the benefits one can get from it?! Some people drinks its juice to lose some weight, other use extracts of it in their sun creams, because it is used as a skin protection from the sun. The burned pieces of skin can easily repair when some aloe vera is applied on them. And since it has such a good effect in people’s skin, it is no wonder that is also works against stretch marks. Here are two ways of applying aloe vera on your skin as a remedy for stretch marks:
1) Apply aloe vera gel directly on the stretch marks. Rub it into the skin for some time, and then leave it like this for about 15 minutes. When the time is up, rinse your skin with water.
2) Mix ¼ cup of aloe vera gel with 10 vitamin E capsules and 5 vitamin A capsules. Stir it well, and then apply the mixture on the stretch marks rubbing it into the skin. Leave it on your skin until it is well absorbed in the skin, do not rinse. The vitamins will give it another push, and are good for your skin. Repeat the procedure once a day, until there is no sign of stretch marks.

#2 Egg whites
Egg whites are another product that people use in many different ways except from eating it. It is rich of protein and it has extremely few calories. And guess what – it will help remove your stretch marks! You will need two egg whites. Carefully remove the egg yolks away. Then whip them with a fork until you see some foam showing up. Now get a clean makeup brush, or if you have some other brush you do not need, and use it to apply the egg whites on the stretch marks of your skin. Let the egg whites stay on your skin until the place it is not dry, and when you touch it, it is quite sticky. Then rinse your skin with cold or cool water. Finally, apply some olive oil on this spot. It will keep your skin well moisturized.
Repeat the procedure every day for at least two weeks if you want to see some results coming. You can do this every night before going to sleep, when you have enough time to pay your beauty attention.

#3 Lemon juice
Lemons are another product which has more benefits than you can probably think of. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which makes it extremely good for one’s health. Some people also use it to bring back the white color of their skin if they had too much sun during their summer vacation. Or you can use it to remove acne or other scars, because it is naturally acid. Now you can use lemon juice for one more thing – to remove your stretch marks. Rub a piece of lemon onto your stretch marks using circular motions. Then leave it like this to get dry completely and only then rinse it with water. Repeat the procedure daily.

#4 Potato juice
Except from being extremely nourishing, potatoes also stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Get a thick piece of potato and rub it onto the stretch marks area. Make sure you cover all of it while you are rubbing. Do this for a couple of minutes, but remember that the more you do it, the better. Then, when you get tired of rubbing, leave the area for some time to get dry and to absorb the potato juice completely. Then rinse it with lukewarm water and you are done. Again repeat the procedure daily for about two weeks.

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