How To Hide Your Brows

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We often talk about brows – how to shape them, how to fill them in, how to maintain them at all. It is important to do so, because the eyebrows are the frame of the face, which leads to the necessity of all that knowledge of maintaining eyebrows.

Most of the eyebrow tutorials will teach you how to enhance your brows in order to become thicker and bushier simply because it is a huge trend going on these days. Today I want to show you the opposite eyebrow style – the thin brows.

Don’t worry, this is not a tutorial for casual look, this is a tutorial for artistic purposes, for instance:

  • Halloween party;

  • Special photo shoot;

  • For your drama club;

  • For a dance show;

  • etc.

So, let’s get started with the steps and when you hide the brow successfully, you will be able to decide what to do next. Here we go:

  1. Clean the brows and brush them in the direction of their natural growth. This simple trick will make their texture flat, because the hair won’t cover each other. This is a wanted texture for now, when you want to hide the brows with makeup.

  2. Then, lock this texture with brow gel, otherwise the application of the concealer will ruin the flat texture of the brows.

  3. Now, when the brow gel is set and dry, you should cover the brows with a concealer. A lot of concealer. Apply it with round big brush.

  4. The brow won’t disappear after the first layer of the concealer. You will have to apply another one, but first apply a setting powder. This little trick will help the concealer blend in really nicely.

  5. Cover the brows with the second layer of concealer and lock it again with the setting powder.

  6. Done!

Now, you can draw whatever you want on top of that hidden eyebrow. Enjoy!

re-draw eyebrows

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