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We all love the way our favorite celebrities look like. They have gorgeous hairs, perfect makeup and stunning dresses, but this is a style, created by a team of specialists who work hard on making them look this way on the red carpet. Browse some paparazzi pictures of your favorite famous people and you will see that they don’t look so perfect in their everyday life. But I will show you how you can look so flawlessly good with a few simple steps and the great thing about it is that you won’t need a team of professionals to give these designs for you – you will be able to do it all by yourself. Let me show you the art of the Red Carpet Wavy Hair. Here are the steps, let’s check them out together:

  • First, prepare the hair for the hairstyle – it must be clean and shiny. You can achieve that with smoothing mousse and dry shampoo.

  • Then, separate the hair into layers and start to work with the bottom layer first.

  • You will need large-barrel curling iron and a thermal protector. Apply the thermal protector on the whole layer of hair before you curl it with the iron.

  • Curl the whole layer strand by strand.

  • Each strand must be flat-wrapped around the barrel.

  • The curls must be created by holding the iron vertically, not horizontally.

  • Then move to the next layer. Reapply the thermal protector. This is a must-do step, otherwise you might damage the hair with the heat from the curling iron.

  • Curl the whole hair with this technique and when done, let the hair cool down completely.

  • Then brush it gently to merge the curls and apply hair spray from large distance, in order to secure a long-lasting curly texture of the hair.

  • All done! Enjoy your glamorous hair!

how to make a hollywood curly hairstyle

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