How to Keep the Skin Clean While Workouts

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There are so many situations that can cause pimples and infections on your skin. The dirt and bacteria are everywhere and we should be extra careful when we touch your skin, what touches it, how long it stays on our bodies or face, etc. Today I want to give you some tips for caring the skin before, after and during a workout. You can’t imagine how bad for the skin is to workout in a gym where other people workout.

While you do cardio exercises you sweat, it is normal and healthy, because the sweat removes the toxins of the body through the pores of the skin. Now imagine how many people touch the fitness equipment with their sweat, toxins and bacteria. Are you freaking out right now? I’m sure you are. If 10 people use fitness equipment, only one will clean it bacteria killing wipes. The fitness instructors won’t clean the equipment after every person who used it. Neither will the cleaner at the gym. They wipe out and clean the floors after the gym is closed. So, if you don’t protect yourself, no one else will do it for you.

You should do three things before you go out for your daily workout:

  • Clean your face from the makeup. If you wear makeup while your body sweats, the oils from the makeup will build up and might get into the pores, which are opened to let the sweat go through them, and we all know what happens when the pores are clogged – blackheads and pimples. While the pores are opened because of the sweating, the makeup blocks its natural way of breathing. So, if you hit the gym right after work, simply put a makeup wet wipes in the gym backpack and remove the makeup while you wait in the traffic jam. But not only the makeup can cause problems. The air is dirty, for which we (people) are guilty, but so far we can’t reverse the time back and fix our mistakes. So, even if you don’t wear makeup, the skin will be dirty from the air, the wind, your touches with dirty hands, etc. Either way – makeup on or makeup-free, clean your face just in case, so you will be calm that the bacteria is in the wet wipe, not on your skin.
  • For the moments when you work out outdoors, you must put on sunscreen. Don’t use oily sunscreens, because they might work as the makeup – to clog the pores, instead, use light formula sunscreen. Search for oil-free sunscreens, this will assure you that the pimples will be off the track.
  • The last thing that you must care about is the hair. Don’t put any conditioners, mousses, hair sprays, etc. The sweat will make these products go down to your face and your back, which can cause pimples and clogged pores. But if you have hair products from the morning, just tie the hair into a ponytail or a bun and definitely put a sweatband on the head in order to prevent any sweat and products reaching your face.

During the workout you must clean your equipment. And you touched the handles of the bike, don’t you dare to touch your face with these filthy hands. The pimples will come up the next morning (or after a couple of hours).

And after the workout you must hurry up and wash your entire body and face. The sweat can hold bacteria, which can go inside again and cause body pimples and facial pimples. So, don’t rest a little bit after the workout in your sweaty clothes. After the shower, clean the face with cleanser lotion, which will remove any bacteria leftovers. And finally moisturize the face with anti-inflammatory moisturizer.

Done! Enjoy your workouts and stay pimple-free!

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