How to Keep Your Jewelry Looking the Best it Could

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If you invest into your jewels (actually no matter their price) you should keep them in good order, so that they look good for longer and so that you don’t break anything just because it is tangled. There are a few simple things you could do, so that there is no problem with all of that.

  • Unchain

So have you ever experienced the hell of chained necklaces? If you have had that experience you should find a ways to keep your jewelry unchained. You should keep them separated and well organized, because if they are not, you probably will waste way too much time or you can break something.

In order to keep your necklaces unchained you should line them or hand them. A great idea is to put nails into the wall and hand your necklaces there.

  • A box is all you need

Do you have a good box for your jewelry or you just throw it around? If not, it is about time you invested in one. A great bow is one that is hard on the outside, so that nothing gets smashed. And very soft and organized on the inside, so that it will keep your jewels safe and sound. If the box is hard on the inside it could make scratches or even break something and that is not what you want.

You can nowadays find very beautiful jewelry boxes that will bring up your interior game. They could be made out of leather or stone or wood and you can find whatever you like, that will work best for your home and likes.

  • Pouch

If you are a traveler (or are planning something like that or moving or whatever) there is one main thing to remember to do for your shiny loves – put them in separate pouches. A good packer knows that all of the jewelry should be in separate pouches, that are soft and water resistant. If you put all of them in one pouch they will get tangled and something might scratch something else. And many more. This way they will be safe and beautiful for way longer.

  • Clean, clean, clean!

If you want to give your jewels a long life you should clean them after EVERY wear. Yes, you read right, after every single time. Though it might be time consummating or something you don’t really enjoy, you should think of it not as a chore, but as a way to have more beautiful things for a long time. The same way you take care and clean your car or shoes, you should do for your jewels.

Just wipe every piece that you got with a soft and clean cloth. If you wear gems, just ask a professional jeweler how to take care of them. Actually, that applies for all precious metals and gems.

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