How To Know If Your best Friend Is Into You

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We all have that one boy friend that we know since we were little and have always been our best friend. And we often see that person as our brother or a really close relative, but he, on the other hand, may have different thoughts and feelings.

Whether you see it or not, the boy who watched you grow up, stood by your side when your heart was broken and stayed so many nights at your house can be in love with you and you might even not know it! Here are some simple tips for you in order to find out whether or not he‘s into you:

He spends all of his time with you

When you‘re 10 maybe it‘s normal to spend your whole time with your best friend. When you‘re a grown-up, either of you have a social life, work, school and other errands and when one person spends his whole time with the other, it‘s most likely that he‘s just in love.

He takes you to family gatherings

If all of his relatives know you not because you grew up together, but because he takes you everywhere with him – weddings, birthdays, graduations, maybe your friendship isn‘t only a friendship. Next time he wants you to go with him to a family gathering, ask him why he‘s not bringing a date – the way he‘ll react will tell you everything!

He likes to be close to you

If he wants to hug you all the time, sit really close to you and uses every opportunity to hold your hand, he‘s definitely into you! If you like him, too, just next time hug him first or just take his hand and hold it so he sees what you feel. And if you see him just as a friend, just try to tell him without hurting his feeling what‘s going on.

He doesn‘t want to have a girlfriend

You offered to arrange him a date with one of your cute friend and he said „no“. He hasn‘t been dating for a long time and every time you ask he says that he hasn‘t found the right one yet. Yes, he‘s definitely into you and he just doesn‘t want to go out with anyone else who isn‘t you. Why don‘t you give it a try – just go out on a real date and see what will happen – maybe you are born for each other and you just don‘t know it!

He‘s jealous of your boyfriend

There are two types of jealousy for men – when a father is jealous and when a boyfriend is jealous and, believe me, this boy isn‘t seeing you as your father! If he doesn‘t like your boyfriend with no reason, gets really jealous when you‘re out with him and doesn‘t like to go out with you two, maybe he‘s feeling something more to you that you think. Either that or your boyfriend is really not for you!

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