How to Learn Everything about Him on Your First Date

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Women know that Prince Charming exists only in fairy tales, and probably in some of our dreams. The reality is a bit different. There are no perfect people and this is actually a good thing, because the rest of us, the “mortal” ones, will definitely envy them.

When it comes to finding the perfect guy, a girl should know that she should find the perfect one for her and should learn to accept his faults as well. But how to be sure that the person you are dating is the right one for you? And more importantly, how to do it fast?

One can date a person for years and still not know everything about them. That is why you need to observe carefully and to pay attention to the details. We have prepared for you a short guide that will help you learn as much as information about the guy you are going out on a date. Here are some things to pay attention to.

#1 His favorite sport

The thing that you need to pay attention to when it comes to his favorite sport is whether the sport is a team one or not. Men who like team sports are more sociable and they play to win. They want to achieve great success in their job, as well as their personal lives.

If the guy prefers solitary sports, like swimming, rowing, or cycling. Then this guy is probably not so goal-oriented. He could be more distant and could want to keep his freedom. He gets easily scared of commitment and serious relationships.

And if the guy does not like sports at all, then he is probably a guy who does not like conformism. He does things the way he wants and does not follow other people’s ideas. He could definitely be quite stubborn.

#2 His friends

The next thing you could find out about the guy you have just started dating is about the friendships he has. If he, for example, has a lot of friends, then he is definitely a sociable person. However, he would be definitely used to spending a lot of time with these guys, so prepare yourself for some time without him.

If the guy has friends from his childhood, then he knows what true loyalty is. And he will need more time to let go and start believing in you blindly. It may be hard for you because it may take more time and efforts.

#3 His driving

Another thing you should definitely pay attention to when you start dating a guy is the way he drives. If he is an aggressive driver, prefers to overtake other cars, drives fast, and gets angry when he has to wait at the traffic lights, or at a traffic jam, then he could be quite aggressive in his real as well. He probably would like to dominate when it comes to his personal and sexual life.

If he is not an aggressive driver and does not get easily irritated when he gets stuck in a traffic jam, then he is very gentle and relaxed as a whole. He will also be very kind and patient to his partner.

#4 He has brothers

The next thing which you can also take into consideration is whether he has other siblings or not, and whether he is the oldest or the youngest. If he is the oldest son, and sibling as a whole, then he is probably very responsible. He is used to coping with problems on his own and he is quite mature.

If he is the youngest one, then he is likely to be a bit spoiled. He could also be an artistic-type of guy. And if he is the one in the middle, then he is likely to want the attention he was not given in his childhood. He would need a lot of love and support.

#5 His hairstyle

Not only women pay special attention to their hair. Some men care about their hair too much even. For example, if you notice that the guy you have started dating has a trendy hairstyle and he constantly touches his hair and tries to make it look better, then he could definitely be a playboy. And he could also be very selfish.

If, however, the guy has started to go bald, then he could be very sensitive about the lack of his hair. Which also means that you should have this in mind and not tease him about it.

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