How to Look Better in Pictures in 6 Easy Steps

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There are a lot of people who naturally look good in pictures. They are just very photogenic. In fact, there are quite a lot of people who look better in pictures than in reality. And what to do if you are not naturally photogenic? Easy, you can just become photogenic. All you need to do is learn a few easy steps that will help you in this task. And do not worry, there is a solution to all kinds of photo-problems, and we can help you find one for your photo insecurity.

Step 1 Find the right clothes

It is very important to choose the best outfit for your body type when you know that your pictures will be taken. If you, for example, have wide shoulders, you should not wear bateau necklines, but square or draped necklines. This way you will create the illusion that you have smaller shoulders and you will look better. The same goes for the bottom part of your outfit. If you do not want to show off your curves too much, do not wear skirts or jeans that are too tight. Instead you could wear a skirt that flares out. It will look great on your body and it will not make you feel uncomfortable.

Step 2 Hide arm fat

There are a lot of women who have issues about the size of their arms – they think they have too much arm fat. If this is what worries you the most, then here is what you need to do. First of all, be careful what kinds of tops you wear. Try to hide your arms a little at least. You could wear a t-shirt, for example, instead of singlet.

Another thing you definitely need to do when you are getting your picture taken is to put your hand on the hip. This is a classical pose which is so famous that a lot of photographers are sick of it, but it is not accidental that it is so popular. When you press your arm against your body, you make your arm fat stand out even more. With this hand-on-the-hip pose you will hide your arm fat with hardly any efforts.

Step 3 How to stop blinking

There are a lot of people who constantly blink in pictures. It is like their signature “pose”, but I am sure they want to get rid of it. After all it is just not fair to ruin a good picture just because you have blinked. Here is what you could do if you have this problem.

First, you need to rest your eyes before the picture is taken. Close your eyes for a couple of seconds and when the camera is about to shoot, open them. This way you will avoid blinking right when the camera takes your picture.

There is another thing you could try if you tend to close your eyes in pictures – smile with your eyes. Pull your face muscles so that you have control on your face. This will help you stop blinking in picture.

One of the things you definitely should not do is open your eyes wide. This will make them look unnatural and it would definitely not be better than blinking in pictures.

Step 4 Hide double chin

Not only arm fat is problematic when it comes to pictures, but also double chin. In fact, it is not that hard to hide it when your picture is taken. You only need to remember to elongate your neck a bit and never to push your face away from the camera. In fact, you need to do it the other way round – push your face towards the camera. This way you will hide double chin, and have more elegant posture.

Step 5 Imitate super models

If you want to look good in pictures, you sometimes you need to learn from the best, and some of the best women that could teach you this are super models. Take time studying their photos. It will not even take you that much time.

When you are relaxing you could read a magazine, or just visit some sites where you will have the opportunity to study some fashion models and their best poses. You could imitate them later and once you get the hang of it, you will notice the change.

Or if you do not want to bother yourself with fashion models, you could simply study some of your own pictures. Pay attention to the poses you did in the pictures you look good and imitate them the next time you have your picture taken.

Step 6 Find your light

Last, but not least, you need to find your light when you have your picture taken. This means that you have to turn your face to the source of light you have. It does not matter whether it is the sun, or some artificial light, you need to turn your face to it when you are getting ready for a picture. This trick will really help you have a glow in the pictures. And yes, the pun was intended.

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