How to Look Expensive on a Budget

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There are a lot of women who want to wear pretty and expensive clothes but unfortunately not all of them can afford to do it. Their salaries are either not that big, or they simply need to spend money on other things than their clothes. And that is where we come in. Today we have prepared for you some tips that will help you look chic, elegant, and, of course, expensive. And all of this on a budget. Class and style are not always connected with money. Now you will learn how this may happen.

#1 Hair and makeup

The first step to looking good and expensive is to have flawless makeup and hair. If you are not very good at putting your makeup or doing hairstyles it may take you a while to learn how to do it, but the important thing is that you should not try too hard. You may have a simple everyday makeup and a ponytail and to look much better than a lot of other girls who are trying way too hard to look perfect. Sometimes simplicity is better.

#2 Wear nude colors

The next thing you could try if you want to look more expensive is to start wearing more nude colors, or even beige and brown hues. You can easily find a nude color that will suit your skin complexion. And not only this, but nude shoes or nude pants, for example, can make you look taller. You could even have only 1 item from your outfit that is in a nude color, like a nude jacket, hat, or pants, and you will be already looking much chicer. So, make sure you add such colors in your wardrobe.

#3 Stick to 3 main colors

The next tip you should definitely have in mind when you want to wear an outfit that looks expensive is to wear an outfit with 3 main colors. For example, you may stick to black and white and to add blue. Here is an outfit you could try: a pair of blue jeans since every woman should have in her wardrobe at least one pair of blue jeans, a white shirt, because, once again, every woman should have at least 1 white shirt in her wardrobe, and a black blazer, or a black jacket. If you pair all of these with a pair of black boots, you will already look like a million bucks.

#4 Do not buy fake items

Another very important tip for all of you who want to look expensive but simply cannot afford to, is to forget about buying cheap imitations. This will certainly not make you look more expensive, but even cheaper. If you are a fan of a certain designer, or a brand, but you cannot afford to buy their $2000 outfits, do not be tempted to buy cheaper versions. It would be better if you buy a designer belt, hat, or even scarf that you can afford but to be a real one, not fake. This way you will also feel more confident and expensive and this will show.

#5 Wear one color

The next outfit you could try when you want to look expensive and elegant is wearing outfit in only 1 color. This way you could really go the next level especially if you choose white. People who are dressed in all white can really make an impression and that is a really good one.

It looks classy, elegant, and very expensive. If you are not much into white then you could wear all in black, or even some other colors, like nudes. Of course, it is best if you do not wear such outfits everyday but when you really want to impress people.

#6 Wear turtlenecks

Here is another trick which will add an expensive touch to your style – turtlenecks. The good news is that winter is coming and the weather is getting colder, so such kind of sweater will do a good job when you want to be warm and expensive at the same time. A lot of women think that the more skin they show, the sexier they will be. This is not always the case.

First of all it depends which part of your body you will be showing, and secondly it does not mean that you should always show a lot of skin. Sometimes you may hide your neck and you will also look expensive, elegant, and sexy.

#7 Red lips

It is no secret that red lipstick is classy and it can suit every woman and every skin complexion, but that is only once she finds the best hue for her skin type. If you match red lipstick with a black outfit you are going to look really expensive and attractive. So, remember that red lipstick is perfect for special occasions, like dinner parties.

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