How to Make Heart Shaped Braids Hairstyle

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The heart shaped hairstyle is so brilliant, artistic, playful and fun; and braiding is an event you can turn into a night in with the girls.

No need to be intimidated, this braid is actually much easier than it looks. This breakdown of the heart-shaped braid is a great way to add an offbeat look to your styling arsenal!

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to spray a light mist of dry shampoo to the lengths and ends of your hair. Then, gently brush your hair to evenly distribute the product and remove any knots or tangles. Then, apply thermal protective product throughout. This hairstyle requires perfectly straight hair, so make sure you straighten it before proceeding to the next step. Once you do that, gather the crown section into a high ponytail and tighten it with a rubber band.

Step 2: Use your two fingers to make a loop through the ponytail next to the rubber band. Then, grab the pony with your fingers and pull it through the loop.

Step 3: Now, separate your looped ponytail into two sections and use clippers to divide them – one on the left side and the other on the right.

Step 4: Work with each section separately. First, divide the first section into two parts – one bigger and one thinner.

Step 5: Braid them both into regular braids. Now do the same with the other half – divide and braid.

Step 6: Follow the same technique on the other side, creating two braids.

Step 7: Next up, shape the heart. Use clippers or bobby pins if needed.

Step 8: When you connect the two braids at the bottom, tie them off with a clear rubber band.

Step 9: Remove the braided sections of the low ponytail and hide the hair band with a strand from the tail.

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