How to Make the Cage Braid Hairstyle

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If you are looking for a unique hairstyle which is ideal for both casual events and special occasions at the same time, consider your search over! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make the cage braid look. Now, scroll down and start your amazing hair transformation!

Step 1: Brush your hair nicely to remove any knots or tangles. Add a small amount of your favourite leave-in conditioner on the ends and lengths of your hair. Brush through your hair to eliminate any knots. Then, gather the crown section and secure it on the top of your head using a hair pin or rubber band. Now, you can deal with the bottom part of your hair.

Step 2: Divide the bottom layer into four equal parts and braid each one into a thin tight braid.

Step 3: Let the top half of your hair fall down in between the braids so that there are two braids on either side.

Step 4: With the four small braids, do one stitch over the top of the large strand. This means taking the far left braid (the one labelled A) and weaving it over B, under C, and over D so that it is now the far right strand.

Step 5: Loop the large strand up through the middle of the braids again.

Step 6: Underneath the large strand, do another full-traverse four strand stitch (B goes over C, under D, over A).

Step 7: Flip the large strand down through the middle of the small braids again.

Step 8: Using the same method, continue braiding down your hair. When you reach the end of your super creative braid, secure its end with a clear rubber band. If you want to, you may stretch its edges a bit to make it fuller and more attractive!

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