How to Make Your Lips Plumper

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A lot of women dream about having lushes lips. And what to do if nature did not do this for them? They only have to make their lips plumper in another way. Luckily nowadays there are a lot of ways a person can do this, like having a surgical operation. But if you are not a fan of having substances in your lips and it makes you feel uncomfortable, then you will need another way to make your lips bigger. And not only this, but you can find all the products in your home and the whole technique won’t take you a lot of time. So, here is what to do!

Step 1
Your face should be clean, with no makeup and washed at least with water, but remember that you should not have any face cream on.

Step 2
Then you need to exfoliate your lip skin so that you remove all the dead skin cells. You will need a toothbrush and some sugar lip scrub. Apply the scrub all over your lips and gently and not too fast begin to rub the toothbrush on your lips. You can also try another exfoliating method – instead of toothbrush use a towel. It will do the same job. Once you have finished, remove the sugar with a wet towel.

Step 3
Now it is time for your makeup. Apply on your lips lip balm, whatever kind you have, and then do your makeup. Apply some of your concealer on your lips and outside them, there should not be any part that sticks out. Then apply a lip pencil lining your lips. The color of the pencil should be darker than your natural complexion.

Step 4
Apply lipstick. Its color should not stick out compared to the lip liner. Now apply a lip gloss. It will give shine and more lushness to your lips. But this is not the end.

Step 5
So, you will need to make your lips even lusher and plumper, so here is what to do. Take a small piece of paper and fold it in two. Put it on your gum between your incisors and your upper lip. This will prevent lipstick from spreading on your teeth – a problem that a lot of women have. You can leave it there for some time or you can even leave it for longer, because it will make your upper lip bigger. But even if you cannot bare to have paper in your mouth, your lips will still look bigger and lusher.

And you are ready!

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