How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

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Choosing your favorite perfume has turned into something that has a lot of symbolism in it. You have probably noticed that there are certain perfume scents that remind you, for example, of a close friend or your boyfriend. They bring so many good memories and even feelings that you want to be with you all the time. There are scents that we love. We want to smell them all day long, but this could hardly happen if we do not have a bottle of the same perfume right next to us.

The same goes for your perfume. Since it is yours, you would like to wear the smell all day long, and wherever you go, people to know that you have been there and to think of you. However, all of us know that quality costs money, and if you want to have a long lasting perfume, you have to spend a lot of money on it. And since the perfumes that do not have such a strong scent are much cheaper, we should think of a way to help them last longer. And the good news is that we succeeded. Here are the best tips for making your perfume last longer.

Which are the best body parts to apply perfume?

First of all you need to know the best places of your body to apply perfume. Why are there such places and you do not simply apply perfume on random spots of your body? Because these spots will distribute the scent more strongly to both you and the people around you.
Which are these spots? You can find them pretty easily, just follow your pulse. Why do you think women apply perfume on their necks? It is just because the beating of your pulse will spread the scent better. Other such places are your wrists, your breasts, the back side of your knees.
The lower part of your body you choose, the longer the scent will be with you, because it actually spreads from the bottom to the top. Thus, applying perfume on your neck will make the scent expire faster, so have this in mind.

Some tips for long-lasting perfume

Before we move on to the best tip, there is forĀ  making a cheap perfume a long-lasting one, here are some other tips that will help you deal with this task.

Our first advice to you is that you should never rub your perfume on your skin when you apply it. Many women think that if they give their perfume a little push, in this case, a little rub, they will make it last longer, just like applying moisturizing cream on their skin, but this is not the case with perfumes. Whatever you do, you should leave the perfume the way it is on your skin. Otherwise, you will destroy the perfume molecule, which will make the scent expire faster.

Our next useful tip concerns a part of your body where to apply your perfume. We remind you again that the perfume scent expires from bottom to top, and if you want to have a nice perfume scent on your body longer, just always spray your perfume on your body down to your belly. This includes applying some of the perfume on your feet, especially if you wear shoes all day long and your feet do not have a chance to breathe. This will help with fighting the bad smell if there is such. And if there is not, your feet will just smell nice and fresh, like the rest of your body.

The Best Tip

After you have learned all the small tips that will help you smell nice all day long, you probably cannot wait any longer for the best tip that will make your perfume last longer, so enough with the torture. The best tip is actually quite simple. You will only need your favorite perfume and some vaseline.
The next thing you need to do is to choose the best place for you, where to apply your perfume (remember the tip with the pulse, mentioned above). The next thing you need to do is simply to apply some of the vaseline on this particular spot and to rub it a little in your skin.
Then simply add the perfume on this spot. And you are ready. As you can see, it is actually quite easy and super effective. Applying vaseline before applying the perfume will capture the scent in your skin forĀ  a longer time, and it will release the smell slowly. This way you will be able to smell nice and fresh all day long without being afraid that a little run to catch the public transport, for example, will take this away from you.

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