How to master the art of lip contouring

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When it comes to remarkably transformative makeup techniques, lip contouring has truly become a fast sensation and the skill that everybody wants to add to their beauty CVs. While fashions may change with the seasons, full, kissable lips are always in style. Take your beauty makeup skills to the next level with this amazing step-by-step tutorial. You will be amazed by the final results!

Step 1: For any contouring, you should know which makeup tools are the right ones for you. When it comes to this specific lip contouring tutorial, there are a few critical items that you need to have in hand: lip balm, foundation powder, highlighter pencil or light conceal, a lip liner which is a few shades darker than your natural lip color, your favorite lipstick and shiny lip gloss.

Step 2: Apply your lip liner just outside the natural lip line. Now, focus on the cross contour lines that, for most lips, are clearly visible. As shown on the picture, trace your lip lines and highlight them with your dark pencil. Smudge the lines a bit with your fingers to soften the color.

Step 3: Define the edges of your lips with the same dark long-lasting pencil. Trace the edges, starting at the center-top and center-bottom of your lips and then work your way outwards.

Step 4: Apply a shade of lip crème that is slightly darker than your lips’ natural tone.

Step 5: Be careful not to over blend as you still want contrast between the two shades.

Step 6: Apply your favorite lipstick afterwards. To blot your lips, stick a tissue between them and gently close your mouth. Then, apply two or three coats of your shiny gloss. Of course you can use whatever color you prefer, but if you go for any light color gloss, you will get the most out of your contour makeup. As you can see from the final result, it’s no secret that the makeup world is pretty obsessed with lip contouring!

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