How to pack your luggage quickly

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Take enough time for your luggage so that you stay calm and do not have any trouble during your vacation or business trip.

1 Make sure that all your suitcases have wheels. If you drag your old suitcase or bag, forget it! Replace it with a new sporty model, as you never know how long you will need to carry it with you.

2 Make a detailed list and check off the things you put in your suitcase. Thsi way you avoid the unpleasant situation in which you are trying to remember whether you put your toothbrush in your luggage. There is nothing worse than once you have finished packing and have closed the suitcases, to turn them upside down in order to find that the underwater camera is inside one of them. This list will also be useful in case you lose your luggage.

3 If you are travelling with your family, it is advisable to take a suitcase with an average size for each member and one more extra in which to put other small things. If you leave children unattended, be sure that they will get very involved in the process of packaging, but will put a bunch of toys in the bags instead of clothes. Make a list of the things that you should take, do not forget medicine, and do not miss your favourite teddy bear! The books are also very useful, if the journey is long and monotonous.

4 Packing clothes is always risky. Sometimes you will take a lot of clothes with you, and then it will turn out that you wore only half of them, and thus you lost valuable space in your suitcase. Other times you will take enough clothes that will last only for two days. Do not put clothes “just in case” in your suitcase! Take as much as you will need and enough to wear every day, if you have nowhere to wash. The place you are going to will help you decide what clothes to take given the weather conditions for the time being.

5 Put all the different types of items in separate bags. It’s annoying when you have to dig into a pile of shirts and blouses to find a pair of socks. Keep alike items in separate bags (clothes, toiletries, etc.) so that everything is at your fingertips. Then mark your bags with color and text to help you find popular accessories more quickly. You can leave the most important things at the top, so that when opening the suitcase, they are easily accessible (eg. Umbrella, sunglasses).

6. Rolling your clothes is the better option for folding them – so they take up less space and prevent the annoying creases and edges that appear when folding. No matter how good you fold a shirt, it will need ironing afterwards. One quick tip for folded T-shirt – put it on a flat surface, fold the sleeves inside, then wind it up, starting from the bottom up.

Whether the reason for your trip is business or holiday, packing your luggage reasonably is extremely important. .

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