How to Pick Up a Guy

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When it comes to picking up someone, guys are much better in it than women, maybe because it is universally acknowledged that this is a man’s job. Men should pick up women and not the other way round.

Nowadays, however, things have changed and women already have taken the initiative and they have also started flirting openly with guys. Things have even went out of hand since there are a lot of men who want already for women to pick them up.

Well, we certainly do not agree with this, but there is no doubt that if a woman likes a guy, she should not just stay and do nothing but act. She should still show this guy in a subtle way that he should definitely turn his attention to her.

But how to do this and stay classy at the same time? If you find it difficult to pick up men, or at least to make them start picking you up, then check out the little tips and advices we have prepared for you today.

#1 Look your best

The thing you should start from when it comes to picking up a guy is your looks. No matter how much we want guys to notice inner beauty first, it is definitely easier said than done. Men in general notice beauty over brains first. So, if you want to pick up a guy you need to look at your best.

Smell nicely
Put on makeup, wear a nice dress and another important thing is to spray yourself with a perfume this man will remember. It is important that your scent is not too strong, but a subtler one. Men prefer women who smell like flowers, or simply have a fresh smell.

Wear a comfortable outfit
The other important thing you should have in mind when considering your looks is to feel comfortable, confident and pretty. If you are wearing an outfit that your girlfriends consider sexy and attractive, but you do not like it, or you feel uncomfortable wearing it, there is no point to torture yourself.

It is better to choose something that makes you feel good. This way your confidence will show through and you will be more likely to impress the guy of your dreams than wearing something uncomfortable.

#2 Maintain eye contact

Some women think that when they like a guy they should be completely open with him and tell him how they feel. They do not mind asking somebody out on a date. But if you are too shy to do it, or do not consider this act lady-like, then you could try another thing instead.

It is very important to have an eye contact with the person you like. Make sure you watch him in the eyes, but do not stare into him. Better yet you need to smile with your eyes and to flirtatiously look at him.

The trick
Here is a little trick you can try. When you notice that this guy is looking at you, look down slowly and then look him in the eyes once again and then smile with your eyes. If you master this trick you can be sure that you will only need the power of your eyes to pick up a guy and nothing more.

#3 Do not be afraid to make the first mood

Many people think that flirting and picking up someone necessarily means that you have to use lines, or to ask the person on a date. If you do the first step, it is even preferable to keep it simple. Make small talks with this person. You can even complement them about their clothes, haircut, or some accessory. This way you can attract their attention without any specific phrases. This way, step by step, you can attract his attention.

#4 Smile

Another important thing, which you definitely should not forget to do, is smiling. It is no secret that people are more likely to make other people like them when they are smiling. If you think about it, you also probably like people who have more positive attitude and who smile more.

If you want to pick up a guy, you definitely need to include smiling in your repertoire. Do not look angry or sad, and smile at him often. Smiling can really help when trying to make people like you.

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