How to Read His Body Language and See if He is into You

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There are a lot of women who claim that reading a man’s mind is an easy task and they know how to make an impression on them. But still sometimes it is hard to read men, especially if you expect something from them and your expectations blind your point of view.

If you do not know how to read men or if you are trying to find out if a man likes you or not, then you could use some of our help. Today we have prepared for you a guide to reading men’s body language. Examine it carefully and find out how he feel about you.

#1 He plays with his hair

We are used to talking about girls playing with their hair, but this does not mean that men do not do it as well. If you notice that a man plays with his hair when he is in your company, then he is either nervous or trying to impress you. But in most of the cases it is both.

It is basically the same thing women do when they are playing with their hair. They either do not know where to put their hands out of nervousness, or they are just flirting openly. Men do the same thing so have it in mind if you notice a man play with his hair.

#2 He bites his lips

This sing is similar to the previous one. A lot of us know that people are biting their lips is there are nervous. However, this is not the only thing this sign shows. If playing with one’s hair could be a sign of nervousness and also of flirting, then biting your lips definitely shows some sexual intentions.

When a man bites his lips, this could be a sign that he wants to kiss you, even if he is doing it involuntarily. And whatever the reason for biting his lips, you should know that he definitely is into you in one way or another.

#3 He watches you in the eyes

There are actually two things that this body sign shows. The first thing is that if a man stares you in the eyes for too long time, then this means he want to read your body sign as well. It also means that he likes you and that he is probably attracted by your eyes and cannot stop looking at them.

This sing is quite a good one since it shows that this person is not trying to lie to you. We all know that liars cannot easily watch other people in the eyes when lying to them. So, this way you will also have the opportunity to ask him more intimate questions and see if he is trying to lie to you, or continue looking you in the eyes.

#4 Watch his hands

Another sign you should be looking for when you go out with a man is the position of his hands. This way you can find out a couple of things about him. Firstly, see if his hands are sweating and he is rubbing them against his pants. This shows that he is actually nervous and that is why his hands are sweating. You simply make him nervous.

If he holds his hands on his belt or in his pockets, then this is another way of attracting attention. Studies have shown that this position of men’s hands is a way to attract a woman’s attention to a particular part of his body –right under the belt. And this way you could easily find out his intentions.

#5 He touches you

This is another sign you should be careful about when going out with a man. When he starts touching your hand, or hair, then this means he is no longer afraid of the barrier between you and he is trying to break it. Men are very sensitive about touches.

They would not do it accidentally and even if they do, they will surely remember this moment. And this means that this man is into you. He wants to move forward with his communication with you and he is taking it one step further. So, be aware of his touch and its significance.

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