How to Recreate the Double Bubble Updo

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As we all know, a perfect hairstyle plays an important part for your overall style. Women are always seeking for a new hairstyle to make them look more beautiful. Actually, a beautiful hairstyle does not always mean complicate and structured.There are many lovely and popular hairstyles that are suite for daily life. Enters … the double bubble updo!

A double bubble updo is very London chic. What’s more, it’s definitely a style that looks way more complicated to create than it actually is.This style is all about nonchalance. Unlike other updos, in this case it’s go messy and textured or go home.

If are eager to learn how to recreate this look, then it is time to read the outline in this tutorial and get the grasp of it!

Step 1: Using your hand, carefully gather all hair strands into a high ponytail and secure it at the back of your head using a clear rubber band. It is better to use clear rubber bands because they are easier to hide in the finished styles!

Step 2: Then, start to wrap it around the ponytail just like you are coiling it into a messy but stop after the first wrap so you create a looped hole. Use a bobby pin to secure the loop exactly where it sits. You are not looking for a total perfection here but rather for a unique hairstyle with extraordinary finish.

Step 3: Coil the hair again and loop it a second time, pinning the loop for the double looped pony effect. If you are going after a messy final look, then leave a few bits of hair loose to add a super casual feel to the style. Lastly, loosen the top of the hair near the crown to add volume.

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