How to Spice Up Your Ordinary Hairstyle

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Too short for a big bun, too long to just comb to the side, medium-length hair can be a great look for any girl if you know how to make the most out of your look. Now is the time to spice things up by adding braids to your ordinary hairstyle!

Step 1: Pull a section of your hair from the top centre and gently bring it towards the back.

Step 2: Using this section of hair, start making a French braid. To make a nice braid, simply divide your hair into three equal parts. Grab the left section with your left hand, the right section in your right hand and the middle section between any two fingers of your right hand. Cross the right section over the middle section, and then cross the right section over the new middle section. Secure the braid loosely when you reach the middle of the hair section.

Step 3: Take another section of your hair next to the braid you just made.

Step 4: Following the same technique, make a braid from this section.

Step 5: Do the same on the other side of your head by creating two more braids. Then, joint the four braids at the back using a clear rubber band. If you wish, take your favorite hair clippers with a ribbon on to pin the two braids together at the back of your head.

Step 6: To make the braids look fuller, loosely pull on the edges until they becomes extremely wide and flat. Create volume on top by carefully loosening some hair pieces with a comb. If you have bangs or shorter layers, you can either leave them hanging loosely or clip them in place using a bobby pin. For a softer look, pull a few face framing pieces out so that your hairstyle has a softer, more elegant look.

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