How to Surprise Your Partner on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday which some people are thrilled about and others hate. Usually people who do not have a partner on the holiday cannot stand all the roses and heart-shape balloons which are an essential part of the holiday. Holidays should not be a reason to get angry or annoyed. They are a symbol of something good and even if one does not have a reason to celebrate, why to feel annoyed?

And since there are a lot of couple who are going to celebrate the holiday, today we have prepared for you a list of Valentine’s Day ideas which will help you surprise your partner for the holiday. If you need some inspiration, then you should definitely check them out!

#1 Think of the ice

If you are celebrating the holiday at home, you can let your imagination go and try different surprises that you can only do at home. One of them is taking care of the ice cubes. They may not be the most essential part of the holiday and the preparations for it, but it can definitely make a good impression if you have thought about the details.

You can prepare some ice cubes with flowers. If you have some small flower buds, like rose ones, you can put them in ice cubes shapes and then pour water inside to fill in the rest of the shapes with it. Then freeze it and voila, you will have some ice cubes with flowers.

Another idea which also involves ice cubes is to get some ice cube forms in the shape of hearts. It would be even more interesting if you freeze not water but some red juice in them, like pomegranate juice. This way the heart ice cubes will be also red – the color of love and Valentine’s Day.

#2 Make fortune cookies

The next thing which you can do to surprise your partner is to make some special fortune cookies for them. You can write personal wishes and thoughts that would make them feel good, happy and, if possible, to fall even more in love with you.

If you do not want to prepare special fortune cookies, you can only put the wishes inside some balloons in the shape of hearts, or you could put them all in a heart-shape box and they can pick a piece and read it every time they need some word of encouragement from you.

#3 Hide and seek

The next surprise is personally my favorite one because in order to make it one needs to put thought and effort in it. It is called “hide and seek” not because the two of you are going to play the game, but because you will make your partner involved in the present.

You can hide around the house different pieces of paper with instructions where to find the next piece. You can write as some riddles, if you can, or you also can include some love statements and love quotes which will make your partner’s holiday even more special.

#4 Write a love letter

If you and your partner are into romantic expressions of love, then you could write them a love letter. Not everyone into such romantic ways to tell someone you love them, or simply to express affections towards them, but if you know that your partner will actually appreciate this letter, then why do not you keep it more traditional and romantic with a romantic letter?

You can send it via the post office and make sure it arrives at their office to surprise them there. This is a sweet and romantic gesture which does not require a lot of efforts or money.

#5 Recreate your first date

If you have good memories of your first date with your partner, you can actually surprise them by recreating it. You will have the opportunity to talk about your thoughts, worries, and other subjects you have not had the courage to touch upon from that point on. It could be fun and interesting if you plan it well and, of course, if you both have good memories about this first date of yours.

#6 A road trip

The next way to surprise your partner is to have a surprising road trip. You can go somewhere for the day and actually spend it together, just the two of you. You may have to tell your partner in advance to take the day off work, but make sure you do not reveal the actual idea behind your suggestion. This way you will be both able to relax and spend some fun and pleasant time together. What better thing to do on Valentine’s Day?

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