How to Survive a Breakup

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Love hurts and it is probably not the first and not the last time you are going to hear this. And as much as we may hate to admit it, it always hurts when you break up with your partner, especially one with whom you had a long-term relationship. A lot of people fall into despair and depression when this happens.

If you do not want to be miserable and to pity yourself then you need to face the problem and deal with it. In other words, you need to bring yourself back to life. Today we are going to share with you some tips that will help you deal with a painful breakup. Check them out!

#1 Surround yourself with friends

Surely, it is very painful to see couples and to look how happily in love they are when you are suffering from a breakup. That is why, it is best to avoid spending your time with couples. Just surround yourself with close friends and family. They will definitely keep you distracted.

Make sure you do not stay on your own for too long because it is inevitable not to start thinking about your ex and of course to feel sad again. People will keep you distracted and they can actually improve your mood, so make sure you surround yourself with cheerful and happy people.

#2 Keep yourself busy

The most important rule, which is connected to the previous point as well, is to keep your mind off the breakup. This is why you need to start doing more and more things that will keep you distracted. Focus on your work, find a new hobby, or start doing some exercises.

Whatever you choose you need to make sure that when you are doing it, you will not think about your ex. Usually the best kinds of activities that will keep your mind busy are, surprisingly enough, the physical ones. You could even clean the house if you want just do not sit in one place but do something.

#3 Do Not turn to alcohol

We all know that people who are trying to survive a breakup often start drinking because alcohol helps them forget about their problems and makes them happy. Well, this is definitely not the best way to deal with the situation. There is nothing positive that could come out of it. Alcohol is not good for your health and especially your skin, but it is also addictive, so if you continue drinking for a longer period you may end up not being able to stop doing it.

You need to be extremely careful with it and never to drink more than a glass of alcohol. We also know that when people are drunk they do not exactly know what they are doing. One may end up calling their ex or doing other things that they would not be proud of in the next morning. You also need to make sure that you have a close friend with you who could stop you from drinking more and bring you back home if you are very drunk.

#4 Avoid things that remind you of your ex

Out of sight, out of mind. This is another thing you have to have in mind when trying to survive a breakup. It is very important not to go to place where you and your ex visited, to watch movies and listen to songs that remind you of him, or keep pictures and memories connected to your relationship. These things will only work against you and your efforts to forget your ex.

So, you need to get rid of all the things that will remind you of him. Lock them in a box, put them in the attic, keep them in a special folder somewhere on your computer, but just make sure you do not have access to them. When time passes and you have already cured yourself, you can look at them. If the memories are not pleasant or too painful, just “burn” them and move on with your life.

#5 Meet other people

Another way you can cure your heart is to start dating other people again. As you know, sometimes it is best to fight fire with fire which means that new relationships can bring new emotions which to heal your heart. Some people find it too difficult to start going on dates again.

If you are one of them, do not force yourself but take it easy. Give yourself some time to be alone and to forget your ex on your own, but in a month or two you may consider going on dates another useful alternative which to help you deal with the breakup faster.

Do not start hating all the people from the other gender because of one person’s mistakes and give the others a chance as well.

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