How to Take Care of Your Facial Skin in the Summer

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Summer is a lot of people’s favorite season because one can enjoy the sunny weather and the days at the beach. The weather in the summer is great indeed but this does not mean that it does not have its negative effects on the human body. One of them is the strong sunlight which can make us feel more positive and happier but at the same time is very bad for one’s skin.

And not only the strong summer sun is bad for one’s skin, there are other factors, like the salty sea or ocean water and the humid breeze, can easily effect one’s skin in a negative way.

Today we decided to give you some tips and advices which will help you have healthier and more beautiful skin in the summer. This way you could enjoy the great summer weather without worrying about your skin.

#1 Apply sun cream on a daily basis

The first thing you always need to do in the summer is to apply sun cream in order to protect your skin from the sun. This way seem like an obvious remark, but believe it or not there are still a lot of people who do not apply sun cream either because they forget to do it, or because they are too lazy to do it. There are even some people who believe they do not need sun protection.

There are other people, the majority of people, who apply sun cream only when they are at the beach. What is important to be known is that one needs to protect their skin, especially their facial skin from the strong sun rays throughout the whole summer and not only when they are at the beach.

You may not realize it but your face is often exposed to sun light and if the skin is not protected, it could be damaged. It could get dry, some moles and freckles may break out and your skin could even start looking older.

That is why you need to apply sun cream on your face every day before you go out. If you regularly apply makeup, you still need to apply sun cream first. This way you will make sure your facial skin is protected by the sun.

#2 Moisturize your skin

Apart from the skin protection from the sun, you also need to apply some moisturizer on it since the weather in the summer could easily dry your skin. This goes both for the breezy and the humid weather. Since your facial skin is often exposed the most on the sunlight, then you need to protect it the most two.

You need to apply regularly a moisturizing cream. It is better to do this both in the morning and in the evenings in order to keep your skin well-hydrated. You could do this when you notice that your skin is dry as well.

#3 Drink plenty of water

Apart from moisturizing your skin on the outside, make sure you moisturize it on the inside as well. This way you will keep it fresh and healthy. Drinking water in the summer is very important for keeping your whole body functioning properly and retaining your health.

The amount of water a person needs to have a day depends on their height, weight, activity, and on the type of food and drinks they have, but in general it is accepted that a person should drink an average of 2 liters of water a day. It is better to have it in mind.

#4 Do not exfoliate your skin too often

Exfoliation is one of the best methods of treating one’s skin because this way one gets rid of the dead skin cells and boost the blood flow in the skin. However, it is better to avoid exfoliation in the summer since your skin is likely to be too sensitive in the skin and you may irritate it a little.

Apart from that exfoliation dries the skin, which in combination with the hot weather and the strong sunlight may even lead to skin inflammations. That is why it is better to wait for the end of the summer before you start exfoliating your skin again.

#5 Try not to expose your face directly on the sun

It is almost inevitable not to get some sunlight on your skin in the sun, but this does not mean that you should be negligent. You should try to never expose your face on sunlight. It is also a good idea to avoid going out between 10am and 3pm since at this time of the day the sunlight is at its strongest.

This means that you need to wear a hat and sunglasses and stay under the parasol when you are on the beach. In fact, it is best to always stay in some shadow when you go out in order to reduce the negative effect of the sun on your face.

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