How to Trick Your Body into Doing Sports

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Doing sports make people healthier and better looking. It seems that everybody is obsessed with it and if you tell a random person you are not doing sports, they will look at you as if you are an outlandish. This is why a lot of people are embarrassed they are not doing sports and want to change it.

If you want to be in the line of the sportspeople, but you are a bit too lazy to make yourself get up early in the morning so you can go for a run instead of sleeping one hour more, you can still find a way to trick your body into doing sports. Check out how to do it!

#1 Do not think of sports as an obligation

One of the first rules when you start doing some kind of sport is not to think of it as an obligation. If this happens, you will soon forget about exercising and you will go back to your old way of living. You need to think of the sport as something pleasant, like the place where you go to loosen up, to forget about some problems at work, or some personal problems you have. Just do not turn the sport into another problem.

#2 Make it a habit

There are hundreds of annoying habits people have, but this does not mean that your habit should be something bad. In fact, you can make a certain kind of sport a habit of yours. There is an easy way to do it. Just teach your body that you cannot live without this sport.

For example, start doing it every day after work. Do not skip a day, because this way you will spoil your body and it will not think of the sport as something it must do after work. In a couple of weeks you will notice that you will no longer make your body do the sport, but it will want to do it on its own, without any reminders. It will have just gotten used to it and you will no longer feel lazy about it.

#3 Have a snack half an hour before working out

In order to trick your body into doing sports, you need to make sure it has the energy to do it. A lot of people do not eat all day long and when they go for a workout in the gym, they feel exhausted and cannot do anything. On the other hand, there are the people who stuff themselves with all kinds of food in order to have enough energy to do all the exercises.

However, this is not good either, because when your stomach is full, you will feel tired to do any exercises. The best thing to do is to have something light, like a salad or even a handful of nuts, half an hour before the workout. This way you will both have energy and you will not feel full or uncomfortable.

#4 Keep a calendar of your progress

One of the best ways of motivating yourself is when you see your progress. You can make a calendar of the days in the week you exercise and the time. You will probably start with doing easier exercises for less time until you gradually improve your exercising skills. And when you compare the first day on your calendar and the last day and the progress you have made, you will be even more encouraged to continue improving.

#5 Find the sport that suits your personality best

There are a lot of kinds of sport, so if you do not like one of them, it does not mean you have to torture yourself. You should just find the right sport for you, like the one which will not make you feel like you are doing something really pleasant and not something you hate.

Even a walk in the park is some kind of sport, or riding a bicycle, going for a swim, or riding a horse. Doing a sport does not necessarily require going to the gym. You can even practice yoga or do exercises at home and you will be doing a sport. Do not let yourself get tricked by the majority of people who do not believe in other kinds of exercising but the gym.

#6 Motivate yourself

There are a lot of ways to motivate yourself if you want to start doing exercises. One of them is to look at pictures of people who have made incredible changes in their lives after committing to sports. Another way of doing it is to buy yourself some equipment. You can even get some fancy clothes and new sports shoes which will make the time spend exercising much more pleasant. Or you can find your own way of motivating yourself.

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