How to Use Leftover Candies from Halloween

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It has been about 10 days since Halloween but there are still some evidence left from it – all the candies that people have gathered. And even if some people adore chocolate, sometimes the candies are simply too many to cope with them all and to have them quickly.

There are often plenty of candies left after Halloween and people wonder what to do with them since they are a bit tired of having the same things.

That is why you can use the candies to prepare something new and delicious with them, something that would still be sweet and delicious, but you will not be tired of.

Today we have prepared for you some recipes in which to use some of the candies leftover from Halloween.

#1 Chocolate cookie cups


3 cups of cookie dough
9 chocolate candy bars
some olive oil


First you need to get a baking win with muffin shapes and to spray some olive oil on the bottom of it. Then get a piece of the dough and spread it onto the bottom of the first muffin shape of the tin. Then do the same with the rest of the dough and the other muffin shapes of the tin.

When you are ready with this you need to bake it for about 10-12 minutes at 1800 C. When the time is up, take the tin out of the oven and turn the oven off. Now get the candy bars and put them in the center of each one of the muffin-cakes.

Put the tin back in the hot oven, but remember that it needs to be turned off, and keep it there for just a couple of minutes to let the chocolate melt a little. Then take it back out. You can also take the cookie cups out of the tin after they cool down a little bit.You can serve them then with some caramel applied on top of them. And you are done!

#2 Crunch Bites with Peanut Butter


2 cups of candy corn
1 and ¼ cups of peanut butter
2 cups of chocolate chips


Step 1

First you need to get the candy corn and to microwave it for about 90 seconds. The important thing is that after every 30 seconds you need to take the bowl out of the microwave and to stir it a little bit.

After the 90 seconds have passed you need to take the bowl out of the oven and to stir it even better. It should be some thick liquid mixture, quite sticky.

Step 2

Then you need to get half of the peanut butter and to add it into the bowl with the melted candy corn. Stir the two mixtures together until it becomes a homogeneous mixture. This way the mixture would become thicker, almost like a dough.

Step 3

Now you need to get a coffee spoon and to use it to scrape some of the mixture with it to make balls. Put all the ready balls on a tin and freeze them for about 15 minutes. Since the dough mixture would be quite sticky, you may lay the tin with some cooking paper to protect it.

Step 4

After the 15 minutes pass, take the tin out of the fridge. Get the chocolate chips and melt them in the microwave. After they are melted, they should be something like liquid chocolate.

Get a ball of peanut butter and candy corn and roll it into the melted chocolate chips. Then put this ball back on the tin covered with some cooking paper. Then do the same with the rest of the balls.

Step 5

After all of them are put back on the tin, you need to get the remaining peanut butter and melt it a little in the microwave. Then apply it on each one of the chocolate covered balls.

Put the tin back in the fridge to chill the balls. It should not take more than 20 minutes. After that they will be ready for eating. You can serve and enjoy them!

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